Thursday, January 7, 2010

Since I Don't Have Enough to Do-New Thru 30

I've decided to attempt to read the New Testament in 30 days! Last I year I tried, for about a month, to get through the Bible in a year. I figure since I only made it a month in then it might be best to set a 30 day challenge. (Tim what are you doing to me?) I'm a little concerned that 30 days is just really way to fast and it will be much more like a read through than an actual Bible study. There are two grace days each week to catch up so if I can keep up during the week then I will use those to study further.

A little over a year in, I still feel really new to this journey....

Feel free to join in if you wish. You can learn more and get the schedule here. Challenge starts this Saturday!

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