Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Making a Schedule-Part 1

I had the opportunity to visit a friend this weekend who is homeschooling 8 children presently-not to mention caring for 2 other wee ones that have not reached school age, yet. I was very impressed with how easily things seemed to flow in her household. All the children seemed to know what they should be doing and when. Part of her trick is to have a schedule. Aw yes, the dreaded schedule. I only have two kids right now but there's another on the way and my children did seem to enjoy having a plan to the day when we had "pretend" school at home. I figure that since my children seem to like it and it clearly helps my friend with 10 children, then I really should at least give it a try.

Besides being unscheduled I am HIGH unorganized. My sewing machine peddle has been missing two months. I NEVER know where my bank or library cards are. In the past day I've managed to loose Liam's Mammoth Math workbook, and the Sharpie pen I was using to write in my schedule must have sprouted legs and walked away. So instead of proudly showing off my new schedule (because it just isn't done....I need that pen *lol*) I'll give you an overview of what will be scheduled on this AMAZING shedule (okay, I'm trying to convince myself how great it will be!).

The following will be printed and posted below the schedule...


Breakfast (and other mealtimes):

Breakfast includes getting dressed, making beds, putting dirty clothes in hamper.

Mealtimes includes eating politely at the table (what is prepared), picking up their dishes and helping with the dishes if Mommy asks for help.

Daily Planning/Talk:

This is a time to talk over the goals of the day and anything else that children want to talk about before they begin the day. We'll discuss chores as they change each day and what we will learn but they can also choose to talk about something else that they want to share. Maybe we'll read a poem or two to start the day.


As a family will continue Grapevine's Overview of the New Testament.

Read Aloud:

Read together a chapter (or two) of some classic literature and discuss.


Presently Nutrition 101 (which carries over into the kitchen so what? home ec?). Looking for another program for science as well. The kids want to start on a science fair project so when we are ready this will be included here.


Liam usually has a list of places he want to know about so we will look at that (on a world map, Google Earth, the Internet). We will continue with the second half of Living Long Ago and do themed units like last year.


Mammoth Math/Right Start:

Liam will continue with grade 2 Mammoth Math workbook. He will with/or without my help use techniques from Right Start Math for any problems that he needs additional help with.

Computer Math:

Using program of his choice Liam will review math drills online or use DVD math tutor.


Liam is using Presidential Penmanship at the current time (only quotes that are inspirational overall and not the ones that are really “American” in content). When we are finished what we are can I will generate penmanship sheets with an online program and whatever quotes/poems/scriptures/passages I would like him to learn.

I will select words from the quotes or other areas that we are studying to quiz Liam on at the end of the week in spelling and/or vocabulary. He will have to write and practice them at the beginning of the week.

Free Reading:

Liam can choose to read whatever he would like to read.

Special Projects:

Working on his book, building, free play/imagination, educational computer stuff (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), privileges if they are earned (TV, computer play, etc)


Sweep the kitchen (everyday)
Folding with Mommy (Fridays)
Help make beds after Mommy's sheet day. (Wednesday)


Kitchen Math with Mom:

Morgaine will work in the kitchen with me preparing meals to learn math concepts (measuring, time, etc). She will sort/count beans, etc as well and we will use these objects to familiarize her with Right Start Math concepts.

Rocket Phonics:

Morgaine will work on letter recognition/sound primarily this year with Rocket Phonics (goal to recognize ALL letters by the end of summer and know many of their (and other phonemes) sounds as well).

Reading with Mom:

Selection from 100 Books to Read Before Kindergarten (Cape Breton reading program for preschoolers), nursery rhymes, Beginner's Bible, sonlight core K reading material.

Special Projects:

Colouring, ABC book project, building, free/imaginative play, starfall.com, pbskid.org


Feed cats (every day)
Dust (Fridays)
Vacuum (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Fold Laundry with Mom (Mondays)

All Mom's chores will be scheduled as well but directly on the scedule (I don't need explaination as to what each thing on the schedule is as I am the creator where the kids will likely need to know about what each area includes for the first while at least). I will hopefully get this all scheduled in tonight and be able to share the actual schedule with you tomorrow.

Now I am off to hunt down Mammoth Math!

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  1. Hey Katrina! Your schedule looks great. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. I need all the tips I can get for when we actually start formal homeschooling. Our regular household routine runs pretty smoothly so hopefully the homeschooling part will just slide right in. LOL. Your friend sounds very inspirational!