Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Joys of Being a Mother

There's been a lot of poop talk in the house these days....

I have this deal with the children that if they have a poo that is soft then I will be the one that wipes them (I had to strike a deal with them because I was sick of wiping every bum) but otherwise they MUST do it themselves. Well, we have a little something going on. I would hesitate to call it a flu and think it is much more likely the result of too much crappy food topped off with a TON of fruit and nuts. I've been called NUMEROUS times to the washroom to help wipe a bottom. As a result....

....I've been given the name CONSTA-POOP!!

Oh, yes, the joys of being a mother!!

On that note....ENJOY (and not, I will not be teaching this to the children...IMAGINE!!)

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