Saturday, January 17, 2009

We're Packing Up


                              Next time I check in we'll be in Nova Scotia, folks!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

In the Moment

Sometime it is important just to step back and live in the moment and that is exactly what we did today. Over the past little while I've have a hard time just being. I've been thinking too much about the past and waiting for the future without actually taking the time to just be in the moment. So yesterday, after feeling like the last couple of days just dragged on FOREVER I promised the kids that we were going to have a kids only day and that I wasn't going to do any cleaning or packing and I'd just do stuff with them so that it what we did.

I spent the morning dressed up in a skirt and a princess tiara while sorting through about a BILLION K'Nex pieces with Liam (he didn't even realize that I was organizing while we were playing and now we can actually build he models instead of hunting for the pieces.

For lunch, we pretended that Liam was a server at a fine French restaurant, and he got a French lesson in without even realizing it (he's very French resistant..."maybe when I am 8," he says.") Lots of fun and he did a really good job.

The it was on to Rockband where we took turns singing because I'd already packed the drums and Morgaine's super cool pink guitar.


Liam had fun picking the hardest songs for me to try to fake my way through (I'm no singer).

We spent a good hour outside and the Mum thought that she'd get in a couple of quiet minutes with some hot chocolate and a book....


Maybe put her feet up....


Instead, I built train tracks with Liam...


While Morgaine hung around on the couch...


There there was the most anticipated moment of the day, monkey bread!





Yes, this blog is heavy on the photo side. I thought my camera had died but the Miller's need to tinker with things before tossing them came through for me this time and I was able to rescue the poor thing (and it was soooooooo close to being tossed forever). So yeah, I'm REALLY glad to have it back so I'm taking advantage of it!).

Take some time to enjoy just being in the moment!