Mama Manuscripts was started a couple years ago as a place where I, as an aspiring writer, could come and just write. As a stay at home mother my life revolves around my children and they quickly became the focus of the blog. As we've continued to grow as a family and my blog has changed to reflect that. We've started to officially homeschool Liam (and Morgaine) so the blog morphed to have a homeschooling focus. We moved to NS so I started posting about all the beautiful places here. I love to cook so I threw in recipes from time to time. I was given the opportunity to review homeschooling products so I added some reviews. I've developed a passion for photography so it's become picture heavy. This blog is the place where all these things come together.

I have no idea what the future holds for Mama Manuscripts but you can be sure that I will write about it!

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