Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Weekend

Feet up....

Textbook ready...

Homemade cheddar cheese and apple scones....

Mama tea for two (and a wee one)....

Finally, board games with the family.....


Friday, January 29, 2010

Fit Mama Friday-Week 3

Oh my, Oh my! The weight is piling on......

BUT, I actually had a pretty good week in terms of healthy eating/exercise. I didn't let going out of town blow my healthy eating plans to smithereens. While we were away we only ate at the restaurant twice. Both times I made healthy choices with salads. I'll admit to having one not so healthy TV dinner in a hotel room on Sunday. I only had a soft drink once and I chose one that wasn't a cola because I figured at least I'd be cutting out the caffeine that way. Otherwise we snacked on whole wheat pitas, cheese, nuts, yogurt, granola and fruits for the 4 days we were away. It's the way I normally like to eat (graze through the day) but most often at home we do not have a lot of healthy snacks in the house (so I dig into the jelly beans.....which got into an accident earlier in the week and ended up ALL OVER the bedroom floor so they aren't a worry any more!)

As far as exercise goes, I think I did fairly well this week. I walked briskly 3 times for about 45 minutes to an hour each time. I've been forced to stretch quite a bit just to stay comfortable so I try to make that into an actually "work-out" a couple times a day (only 5 or 10 minutes at a time, though).

Next week brings the beginning of February so no more soft drinks for me (as my initial goal was to cut them out by the end of January and I think I've succeeded). I'll continue on with my salads and would like to cut out even more sugar by adding the protein that I know my body is craving. I need to go into town and pick up a bunch of nuts and healthy snacks, I think! In terms of exercise, I'll have to find some indoor activities because it is supposed to be colder next week so I may not feel like walking too much. I'm wondering if banging on the drums (in Rockband) is considered legitimate exercise. Drumming is an ideal position for fetal positioning (which I need to work on because my placenta is taking over the side and area where I want this sweet babies back to be!!) and it also let out a whole lot of tension! I'm not feeling particularly drawn to yoga this time around (though I would love to be) so I think I will have to nix that idea for now.

Not so exciting but that was my week!

Be sure to check in with my girls over at Got Chai? to see how everyone else faired this week!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

28 week belly and an update

Well, we survived our trip to Halifax/Bridgewater, though it wasn't quite the relaxing break we were hoping for! I did indeed grab my Bible and seek refuge in the bathtub every afternoon, though! We ended up going to bed at 8:30 every evening because the kids just WOULD NOT settle in the hotel room. Not what Mike and I were planning (we visualized tea/coffee and board games). So we were relatively irritable the whole visit in Halifax.

Thankfully, once we got to Bridgewater things improved significantly. The cottage that we've decided to stay at is lovely and the gentlemen was very kind to us (perhaps, that is when we will get our relaxing vacation! Though, at 38 weeks I am not sure how relaxed I am going to be...the whirlpool bathtub should help significantly!) It looks like a lovely place to birth a baby. A short little walk to little fishing boats and the water and deer right there on the property (in the 30 minutes we were there we saw several). NICE!

The midwives were lovely and it was nice to see all the other holistic/alternative therapies that are available in Bridgewater. Certainly a town that we will consider moving to in a couple years. The appointment went well. There is some confusion over who will actually be attending my birth as they both have vacations scheduled around my due date. I'll have to bounce between them until the time comes. It is possible that I will "risk-out" of a home birth because of the bleeding I had last birth (it was more significant than they realized when we spoke on the phone). I will have to meet with the family doctor and/or OBGYN that they use as back-up and see what he has to say. They seem relatively confident that I will get what I want but I am less sure. I'm hoping that they take his recommendation as just that, a recommendation. The only thing different with being home is that there wouldn't be blood available immediately but I have every confidence that they'd be able to handle the situation. I've decided that I'll already go the route of having a "managed" 3rd stage (ergh, yep, not loving the idea but in terms of intervention that is really, really minimal) just to ease their concerns. I am confident, though, that bleeding WILL NOT be an issue this time around. My placenta will do EXACTLY what it is meant to do, just like it is doing a wonderful job of nourishing this little baby at this time.

My due date seems to be getting later and later (though, both my date of conception and each U/S have matched exactly the due date I've been going by...putting me at 28 weeks 5 days today). I can't really complain because they run into trouble when women run "late" and it is likely that I will indeed go late. My babies REALLY like to prove people wrong so watch this little one come early *lol*

So here I am at either just over 27 weeks or 28 weeks 5 days!

I'm feeling pretty good right now. Sleep is still much better since changing sides of the bed with Mike. I'm beginning to get tired in the afternoon and am thinking that regular afternoon naps might soon be starting. I was thinking just the other night that by this point in Morgaine's pregnancy I was resting each afternoon and meditating on the birth and I haven't started that yet. I'm not sure at all how I will manage with two kids but we shall see. I think that the rest would make a world of difference for everyone so maybe once they see that they'll be content to play quietly for a bit each afternoon! The aches and pains of a couple weeks ago seem to be improving a bit now so all is going well.

Soon, I will be counting down to our "vacation" to the cottage. I can hardly wait

(and if anyone wants to donate some money to the cause...I'd love to get down there sooner *lol*)....he he he

64 days to go!!! (and a whole bunch more before the babe makes an appearance *lol*)

Thank You

for making January the most successful month on my blog!

This weeks views have been pretty sad, BUT that's obviously my fault for taking time off to go on vacation with my family (and forgetting my camera at home so I don't even have any pictures to share with you now that I am back!) I haven't double my views from last month but I'm thinking that over the next 3 days that shouldn't be a problem!

I'm off to post some belly pictures because they get the most views but why people would want to see my stretch marked belly and listen to my whine is beyond me! *lol*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Christian Keyboarding

Product: Keyboarding for the Christian School: Elementary Version (K-5)
Company: Christian Keyboarding
Price: $12.95US as an e-book (pdf)
Additional Info: Various freebies as well a discount codes available currently on their website.

As part of The Homeschool Crew, I was able to review Keyboarding for the Christian School. Christian Keyboarding is a company that specializes in teaching God's words while teaching typing skills. There are various levels and programs available for purchase as PDFs (e-books) on their website, as well as numerous freebies. Keyboarding for the Christian School follows a pretty typical method for teaching touch typing (starting at home row and expanding from there). The directions are easy to follow and it is clear which finger should be used for each letter. Christian Keyboarding follows the same progression that you would find a typical online typing program but by lesson 18 (in the elementary version), your student will no longer be typing nonsensical sentences but actual passages from the Bible.

I opted out of using this program with my son at the current time. He hasn't had much need to learn how to type as of yet and is easily frustrated by things that he cannot master easily. As this is an e-book is must either be printed or opened in a secondary window on your computer while your student types in whatever word processing program you choose to use. The student does not get immediate feedback (unless you are sitting there watching) as to how they are doing. I could see Liam in tears as I watched over (or corrected) his typing. At this point and time, I do not feel any strong need for him to be a competent typist and will likely try out an online free typing program when that time comes. I don't feel any strong need for my children to have Christian content as part of their typing curriculum so I would not go out of my way to pay for this program. Though, I do like the scriptures very much it isn't something mandatory to me in this type of program.

For only $12.95US this program is worth the cost if you would like your children to experience God's words as they are learning to type. The passages at the beginning of each lesson are a nice addition and the instructions are clear so I would not hesitate to purchase this product if I strongly felt the need to use scriptures as part of my typing curriculum. To find out more about Christian Keyboarding and their various products be sure to visit their website (and don't forget the freebies and discount codes!).

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Thru 30-Week 2 Update

Well, it looks like I didn't only just give up on healthy eating and exercise this week but also reading the New Testament in 30 days.

This week reading plan should have seen me through:


1 Thessalonians
2 Thessalonians
1 Corinthians
2 Corinthians

As can be seen I haven't finished half the material for the week. I will be out of town for the weekend and I will be taking my Bible along for the ride. I have visions of sitting in the bathtub (we don't own one) and finishing the required readings and more. Yes, the Bible in the bathtub. It's comfortable on this pregnant body, it is quiet and peaceful, and it's the only place that the kids don't try to bother me.

That's the plan to get caught up. I'm not sure if I'll quite get everything read in time but I will do my best for sure!

Fit Mama Friday-Jan 22nd

So we'll call this my Fit Mama Friday post, though I am thinking that it would make a better "Not Me" Monday! (as in I did not sit on my bottom all week doing nothing and eating jelly beans. NO! NOT ME!)

This week was pretty horrible in terms of eating. I ate more sweets than I would care to (considering my goal to grow a smaller baby). I didn't eat as much salad as I have in the past weeks. A couple times, I didn't feel like cooking in the least and Mike brought home ready prepared stuff to toss in the oven. EWWW. I've been in a bad mood, tired, sore all over and short of breath and while the easy foods were supposed to help I'm convinced, if anything, they've made things worst.

Exercise has been all that much better, either. I've walked to the library/church a couple times but that's about it. I did do some light stretching a couple times earlier in the week but really, it should barely count. I did not find a suitable yoga DVD but will search this weekend when we are in the city.

My goals for next week are to get back on the healthy eating wagon. We will be in the city this weekend and eating out a lot but I hope to pick nutritious options as much as possible. We'll likely walk around/visit places a far amount while we are away so that will be good exercise. I'll walk to the library at least once next week even though the children's activities are cancelled. I'll still try to find some sort of yoga program for pregnant women. I am sure that a google search would turn up exactly what I need (and I am familiar with yoga so don't really need a guide to show me in person) but I guess I am not that motivated yet (though, it would certainly help my energy and like my aches and pains as well).

If I have another week like this next week (hey, I am being honest) please feel free to give me a swift kick to the bottom to get me moving (or at least eating something worthwhile!)

I hope the other Mama's at Got Chai? have had a better week!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh Well, so much for NaBloPoMo

I didn't post yesterday. I actually woke up in a slight, a very slight, panic at about 2 am thinking, oh no, oh no, I didn't post yesterday. But really what was I going to do about it at that point? Honestly, you wouldn't have wanted to hear from me yesterday anyways. I was in a FOUL mood. The kids got the brunt of my frustration and then Mike got home early (and I'm sure he wished he'd just stayed at work!). After I broke down into tears over the kitchen sink, I felt somewhat better but we decided just to chill out as a family and watch a movie. In the end, I forgot all about not having posted anything earlier in the day.

13 more weeks to go....will we be able to survive my wild hormones?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Very Relavent Sermon

First, I would like it if you would take a moment to read the sermon that was given at my church last Sunday. I, like many, am scrambling now to see what I can to do to help relief efforts in Haiti but it is indeed MUCH too late. So often, we are MUCH too late. It is so much easier to turn a blind eye until it all comes crashing down rather than getting in there and getting dirty before things reach that critical point of shock and "how did we ever let this happen?"

Just a couple weeks ago I happened on a blog I was writing while taking my doula training in Montreal. I'd written a post about my dreams after my first doula gathering that you can read here. I was full of ideas to help in making the world a better place. I was thrilled to have found a student in the class that shared my vision of going (with our families) to poverty stricken areas to help with birth/medical care. We talked about it over the course of the next year but it came down to it just being an IMPOSSIBLE feat. I mean, I had two young children and a husband that would say "yes, when you can make money doing that you can go because there is NO WAY we could ever afford to do that now." It was just MUCH TOO HARD! I was also thrilled with the prospect of working with the poorest in our own community and while I attended a few births through Montreal Birth Companions I just COULDN'T continue. We didn't have a lot ourselves at the time, and helping these women was costing ME money. Doula work was a "hobby" and not valued within my immediate environment and giving my time away was not acceptable. It was MUCH TOO HARD.

So often, it is MUCH TOO HARD. So often I have these big ideas (becoming a midwife, traveling the world, helping where I can....completing my homeopath training and joining Homeopaths without Borders, etc) but then think how incredibly hard and inconvenient it would be for myself and my family. How IMPOSSIBLE. Sure, I think about the people suffering, but despite being touched, it is their pain and it gets left to "others" to help. I've grown over the years to not think big dreams but only think here and now of my own immediate family. It helps one from being overwhelmed with the sufferings of the rest of the world. Until things blow up one can live mostly in blissful ignorance. IT'S EASY!

At what point is enough, enough? At what point does one say "this has to stop NOW! Not with someone else but starting with ME?" We don't have to take huge steps but even the little things make a difference. Why do damage control years down the line when the boy down the road has become an addict or arsonist? Why not help that family in need right now? Why not work to implement programs for the youngest/poorest in our own communities that might need a hand? Why do we wait and then wonder how things have gotten to the point they've reached? Sure, IT'S EASY for us but what about everyone else?

Think, but then reach out (however you can), before it is too late......

Monday, January 18, 2010

There's Something Going on in my House (or at Least on My Blog)

To find out more about how this works, please visit MckMama and her gang over at My Charming Kids (specifically here to find out what on earth I could possibly be doing on my blog). As a mother, I wouldn't dare confess to some of the madness in my household, or would I?

I did not bail on Menu Plan Monday to bring you this feature. No, not me!

I did not indulge in not one, but TWO, large pieces of super sweet store bought birthday cake as part of a nutritious breakfast (which also might have included scrambled eggs and bacon). No, not me!

I am not longing for a bathtub even while my heart is heavy for those that lost all in Haiti. No, no me!

I did not allow Morgaine to take out her stuffed animals from storage on the condition that it was ONLY to choose some to donate but then allow them to hang out for over a day on the living room couch. No, Not me!

I did not decide that a nice, long, hot shower was much more important than cooking supper. No, not me!

I did not leave my coffee cup (half full) on the living room table knowing full well what was going to happen to it while I took above mentioned shower. No, not me!

I did not hunt for my camera, instead of wiping up coffee before it seeped into my hardwood floor, after my shower! No, not me!

I did not just realize as I looked over at my daughter that I STILL haven't wiped up the coffee. No, not me!

What did you not do this week?

Disaster Relief for Haiti

I haven't really been watching the news or listening to the radio but I do know that the earthquake in Haiti has been devastating. I have not seen photos or watched video footage but one doesn't have to, to know that the lives of those affected will be changed forever. Many people have been trying to decide which organizations to support and after looking around (and receiving an e-mail from a friend) I've decided that we should support Haiti ARISE. There are many other organizations out there but please be sure that you know who you are donating (unfortunately, there are scammers out there that use occasions like this to profit).

My heart goes out to all the people that have been touched by the devastation and I am hoping that each of us, while safe and sound in our homes, will stop for a moment and ask what we can do to help.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Looking Down....

....yep, they're gone!!

New Thru 30

For those of you who joined in reading the New Testament in 30 days, how is it going? I've made it through Matthew and I am only missing one chapter in Acts (Matthew and Acts should have been read in week one). Reading is going well and the chunks of material per day is not too heavy. I've been reading Acts in bed before sleeping and unfortunately starting to doze as I read so I will have to modify my reading schedule this week to do the reading in the morning instead.

I've had a look though the study guide included over at New Thru 30 and it isn't terribly complete (in my opinion). So I've decided to get through on my own. I will look around and see what else I can find online. Liam's Grapevine Studies Level 2 is actually giving me a pretty good opportunity to study the Bible but it is rather slow moving in comparison to this 30 day challenge!

How is it going? Do you know of a good resource for Bible study questions online? Let me know!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Since I've Been Posting Regularly....

Here's a wordle.....

To see what you've been talking about and make a fun wordle of your own click here!

Pregnancy Update...No Belly This Week

Didn't get a chance to have a photo of the bump taken this week but things continue to go well. It was finally confirmed that I will indeed be able to give birth with the midwives in Bridgewater, NS. The midwife I spoke to on the phone was lovely and we seem to share the same philosophies on pregnancy and childbirth. She was very easy to talk to and warm and it felt easy enough to get to know her via the phone. Mike and I have decided, however, to travel to Bridgewater next weekend to meet so we can put a face to the name. At the same time I am hoping to see the local osteopath and make the final arrangements for renting a cottage here. It is likely that the children and I will arrive in the area once I reach full term (37 weeks) and Mike will come nearer my due date. Chances are he would arrive in time even if I called him to come should labour start before my due date. I'm anticipating a straight forward labour but chances are it will take more than 5 hours from start to finish (though one never knows!) The midwife has changed my due date to the latest one possible (though I know when I conceived and both u/s match with that date and not the LMP date) because of legislation in NS stating they cannot attend a labour past 42 weeks. So this little one had better not be the one to prove me wrong when I say I NEVER have my babies early!

We've started to prepare for the arrival of wee baby. I did decided to purchase some organic cotton disposables for the baby's first couple of days. Those meconium poops at the beginning aren't something I've enjoyed messing with in the past and really, I prefer to toss to works in the trash (poor Liam EXPLODED when he was born and the diaper, the outfit, the baby (okay, NOT the baby!) got tossed. I can't imagine trying to clean it out of a cloth diaper! (if I had enough prefolds, I "might" be tempted to used them and toss the first couple, but I'm not sure!). Yes, I'm a Mom and yes, I talk about poop!

We also picked up a few little outfits.....5 onsies (but cute ones), 2 shirts with snaps (long sleeves), 5 PJs, and 2 nightgowns....for baby. Good deal for 14 dollars I would say. I'm beginning to get more and more excited to meet this little one, though it will be some time yet!

He is getting big, despite my measuring on the smaller side and has been really quite active and already has been hanging out near my ribs (I've never had a baby do that before...they've always hung out really looooooow). The doctor used to doppler yesterday to hear the heartbeat and the baby gave me the biggest kick so far when she was finished. He was incredible hard to settle all day and was CRAZY active all afternoon and evening when he usually sleeps! I'm not sure he appreciated it! I'm tempted to bring my fetoscope to the next appointment but she'd likely look at me like I've grown two heads! Oh, well!

I'll be away on my next regularly scheduled baby update day and likely won't be able to post until the Monday or Tuesday but I'll try to snap a picture and will let you know how the midwifery appointment goes as well.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fit Mama Friday-Week 2

Well, we are two weeks into this challenge and things are going well. I've had a salad at least once a day, and usually twice a day. I am involved in a little bit of an at home science experience to see if eating a lower carb (especially white refined carbs) diet will grow a smaller baby. I generally make pretty big babies (thing coming out going on 2 or 3 months instead of new) so I wanted to try modifying my diet some to see if I can actually grow a newborn sized baby! Eating lots and lots of salad is helpful and I've been having wonderful servings of beans/lentils/chickpeas (nice stuff and thankfully the "discomfort" they were causing earlier in the pregnancy has passed).

As for my other goals....

I did do well without soda all week, though, I did give in and get some when I was out today (yes, I know refined sugar.....and so much other junk). I'm sure that I'll be able to cut it out by the end of the month. I get bored of plain water, though, so I'd be open to suggestions (no, I don't particularly like lemon water either).

I got out walking a couple times this week. On Sunday, it set off a TON of painful braxton hicks but the rest of the week things were less intense. The kids and I played out in the yard yesterday as well. I would like to maybe start some kind of yoga practice in the next week because a lot of the regular aches and pains of the third trimester are starting to kick in now. So maybe that can be my fitness goal for next week.

I guess that is about it for now!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Making a Schedule-Part 2

Well, my friend uses Managers of Their Home to help schedule and run her home/homeschool but I have not purchased the book (as of yet, and likely will in the near future). From looking relatively briefly over her schedule I was able to see that pretty much everything and everyone was scheduled (though of course there were blocks of FREE time as well). Things were written on post-its so that if things needed to move around it would be relatively easy. One major difference with my schedule is that no matter the length of time my time blocks are all the same size (fine for me, possibly confusing for the children). Every subject is scheduled for 30 minutes though it is likely that some will run under and some will over. We will have to wait and see how it goes.

I've scheduled enough breaks, I think, so the kids don't feel like they are bogged down in school work. I've tried to schedule subjects close together that I think will flow into each other. Read aloud with science because one is more quiet and the other more involved. In addition, some of the books we read will lead easily to a science unit (reading Farley Mowat right now). Same deal with read alouds and Geography because we can look up and learn about the areas in our books. History is scheduled before arts and crafts because most of our history work usually ends up in us getting messy building castles or pyramids or working on sewing or weaving, etc. Friday mornings I have cooking/baking scheduled because last year we'd try to make some period specific foods as part of our studies.

I've posted the list of what each subject includes and what the children's chores are below the schedule so everyone knows exactly what is expected.

I'm anticipating running into some conflicts and having some unhappy children from time to time when their playtime is cut short. However, I think in the long run having some sort of a plan will serve us well. While it does look HIGHLY scheduled (maybe just from my free spirited, chaos loving point of view) I plan on being relatively flexible so that if it is a beautiful day out we can enjoy or if Mike gets home early the kids can run off with Daddy (hense the "special projects" time at the end of the can be used either for catch-up if we do other things in the morning or to do things as a family if Dad gets home early or basically for whatever they would like....including special privileges like TV/computer free time if they've been earned).

Well, I am off to read Farley Mowat as my Internet time is just about up! Have a good day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Don't Play with Your Food


Maybe sometimes it is alright (and a lot of fun) to play with food.

Liam came to me tonight and asked me for food scraps for a project. This is what he came up with....

Yes, he still loves volcanoes....

What do you do with your food scraps?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Making a Schedule-Part 1

I had the opportunity to visit a friend this weekend who is homeschooling 8 children presently-not to mention caring for 2 other wee ones that have not reached school age, yet. I was very impressed with how easily things seemed to flow in her household. All the children seemed to know what they should be doing and when. Part of her trick is to have a schedule. Aw yes, the dreaded schedule. I only have two kids right now but there's another on the way and my children did seem to enjoy having a plan to the day when we had "pretend" school at home. I figure that since my children seem to like it and it clearly helps my friend with 10 children, then I really should at least give it a try.

Besides being unscheduled I am HIGH unorganized. My sewing machine peddle has been missing two months. I NEVER know where my bank or library cards are. In the past day I've managed to loose Liam's Mammoth Math workbook, and the Sharpie pen I was using to write in my schedule must have sprouted legs and walked away. So instead of proudly showing off my new schedule (because it just isn't done....I need that pen *lol*) I'll give you an overview of what will be scheduled on this AMAZING shedule (okay, I'm trying to convince myself how great it will be!).

The following will be printed and posted below the schedule...


Breakfast (and other mealtimes):

Breakfast includes getting dressed, making beds, putting dirty clothes in hamper.

Mealtimes includes eating politely at the table (what is prepared), picking up their dishes and helping with the dishes if Mommy asks for help.

Daily Planning/Talk:

This is a time to talk over the goals of the day and anything else that children want to talk about before they begin the day. We'll discuss chores as they change each day and what we will learn but they can also choose to talk about something else that they want to share. Maybe we'll read a poem or two to start the day.


As a family will continue Grapevine's Overview of the New Testament.

Read Aloud:

Read together a chapter (or two) of some classic literature and discuss.


Presently Nutrition 101 (which carries over into the kitchen so what? home ec?). Looking for another program for science as well. The kids want to start on a science fair project so when we are ready this will be included here.


Liam usually has a list of places he want to know about so we will look at that (on a world map, Google Earth, the Internet). We will continue with the second half of Living Long Ago and do themed units like last year.


Mammoth Math/Right Start:

Liam will continue with grade 2 Mammoth Math workbook. He will with/or without my help use techniques from Right Start Math for any problems that he needs additional help with.

Computer Math:

Using program of his choice Liam will review math drills online or use DVD math tutor.


Liam is using Presidential Penmanship at the current time (only quotes that are inspirational overall and not the ones that are really “American” in content). When we are finished what we are can I will generate penmanship sheets with an online program and whatever quotes/poems/scriptures/passages I would like him to learn.

I will select words from the quotes or other areas that we are studying to quiz Liam on at the end of the week in spelling and/or vocabulary. He will have to write and practice them at the beginning of the week.

Free Reading:

Liam can choose to read whatever he would like to read.

Special Projects:

Working on his book, building, free play/imagination, educational computer stuff (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), privileges if they are earned (TV, computer play, etc)


Sweep the kitchen (everyday)
Folding with Mommy (Fridays)
Help make beds after Mommy's sheet day. (Wednesday)


Kitchen Math with Mom:

Morgaine will work in the kitchen with me preparing meals to learn math concepts (measuring, time, etc). She will sort/count beans, etc as well and we will use these objects to familiarize her with Right Start Math concepts.

Rocket Phonics:

Morgaine will work on letter recognition/sound primarily this year with Rocket Phonics (goal to recognize ALL letters by the end of summer and know many of their (and other phonemes) sounds as well).

Reading with Mom:

Selection from 100 Books to Read Before Kindergarten (Cape Breton reading program for preschoolers), nursery rhymes, Beginner's Bible, sonlight core K reading material.

Special Projects:

Colouring, ABC book project, building, free/imaginative play,,


Feed cats (every day)
Dust (Fridays)
Vacuum (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Fold Laundry with Mom (Mondays)

All Mom's chores will be scheduled as well but directly on the scedule (I don't need explaination as to what each thing on the schedule is as I am the creator where the kids will likely need to know about what each area includes for the first while at least). I will hopefully get this all scheduled in tonight and be able to share the actual schedule with you tomorrow.

Now I am off to hunt down Mammoth Math!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Meal Planning Monday

Well, I am going to try giving this a go again this week. I have a cook book that I will be reviewing for The Old Schoolhouse so at least once or twice a week, I'll make a recipe from that book and I'm sure I'll be able to come up with some other ideas. If all else fails, I'll ask my husband who is sitting right here to come with some ideas for the week (he just said "I have NO IDEA what we'll eat this week!" Oh well!)

Saturday: went to a friend's house...easy!
Sunday: went to a friend's house....No, I made Pasta Parmesan Supreme from Sue Gregg's Meals in Minutes.

Monday: Chickpeas with rice and salad

Tuesday: Favorite Tamale Pie (again from Meals in Minutes)...haven't tried it so it isn't our favorite but sounds yummy enough!

Wednesday: Soup of some kind (because I plan to make fresh bread).

Stir Fry

Friday: Lentil Dahl with rice

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Belly Pictures-26 weeks

I'm 26ish weeks now and feeling pretty good. Lots and lots of braxton hicks contractions in the last two or three days so I've been joking that we are going to call this kid Braxton when he arrives! *lol* I should find out this Monday whether or not we will be traveling to Bridgewater to birth this baby. We will see what the midwives tell us on Monday. There are some questions that we'd like to have answered before we decide for certain (if they'll have us that is). I likely update with that news on Monday...

Until then, here's the belly....

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fit Momma Friday

Well, I'm not so fit these fact you could call a little round!

Yes, I do have an excuse at this very moment, but I didn't have such an excuse for the last 3 or 4 years and really, I haven't done much in the way of getting in shape since my last child was born in 2005! Really there isn't any excuse for that! Generally during pregnancy I gain a good 40-50+ pounds and lose the initial weight that comes off in the birth but that is about it (I'll even admit to gaining a few extra pounds in the last couple years that had NOTHING to do with babies!). This time around, I've been doing really good and have only gained 10 pounds (at MOST depending on the day) so far. However, my cravings for sweets have been HORRIBLE and my willingness to indulge even worst! There's a weight I set out to not go above and so far so good with a fair amount of room left to grow BUT during those last few weeks of pregnancy it isn't so uncommon for me to gain 4 or 5 pounds a week (yep, that's right, and I am not ashamed to admit it!).

Thankfully, I have a friend from The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew that has decided to help us all with our fitness goals for the year through a weekly Meme (click here to find out all the details). Honestly, for me it isn't about weight (and wouldn't be if I wasn't pregnant either) but holding myself accountable for taking better care of myself through exercise and healthy eating. I'm not overweight but there's lots of times when I don't feel/look at my best because I tend to put my needs last (like so many Mamas).

My main focus over the next little while will be on healthy eating and cutting (way) down on my sugar consumption. I have a tendency to have pretty strong "braxton hicks" contractions which served to dilate me to 2 centimeters by 26-28 weeks with my first child so I tend to take it easy when they pick up because as much as I'd love to meet this baby, it needs to bake for another 12 or 14 weeks yet! I will do some walking when I can and usually try to get stretching and stuff in there but besides that I keep things pretty low key.

This first week, I've managed to incorporate a salad with at least one meal a day. I've cut down on soda a little (yes, bad, bad, BAD Mommy) but didn't cut it out entirely...each week a little less I say and by the end of January hopefully no more. I know it is HORRIBLE stuff but it is a bit of an addiction to me and I do drink WAY less than I did many years ago. Back in August before I found we were expecting, Mike and I were doing a really good job with healthy local eating but we've let it slide for convenience sake during the pregnancy. We were looking at photos from out meals at that time a few nights ago and vowed to get back into it even though we won't find much local this time a year and may "break the bank" (okay, not quite, BUT fresh veggies and fruits are insanely expensive in our area at the moment) buying fresh produce from the grocery store.

I'll be keep you updated here on Friday's (with maybe a recipe thrown in during the week if I am inspired!). I'd love for it, if you'd consider joining me and the other fit Mamas and Papas over at Got Chai?.

Amazing Bible Timeline

Product: Amazing Bible Timeline
Price: 29.97$US

I received this product several months ago to review for the TOS Homeschool Crew. I initially opened it up and took a look at it and said, "It's not for us." I rolled it back up and stuck in a corner of my office. However, I did have to review it so a couple weeks before the due date, I pulled it back out and took a closer look at it. The thing about The Amazing Bible Timeline is that I feel totally inadequate to review it. I don't feel adequate to review it from a religious point of view, and I don't feel adequate to review it from a historical point of view (I see issues with both, but don't know enough to really feel comfortable pointing them out).

I will instead review it purely from a homeschooling point of view.

First of all, we don't use timelines in our homeschool very much so for us it wouldn't be very useful. For those of you that do want a VERY complete biblical timeline this is great. There are overlapping colours and codes so that it makes it easier to see who lived during the same time period. It would take forever to try to chart that all out for one's self so if you like time timelines then perhaps this would work well for you. There may be too much information for the youngest of homeschoolers, though, and I can see this getting the most use in homeschools with high school age students or as part of an adult Bible study.

My main issues with this timeline really had to do with its practicality of use. It is MASSIVE so would take up a lot of wall space. Because of it's ovular shape having it on a wall would not be practical unless one is used to reading with their head tilted (we are not!). The font is also a little unusual and very small in places so I found myself squinting at the timeline from time to time. Ideally, you would have this timeline set up long term on your dining room table covered by a plastic table cloth (the same way so many of us already have world maps) so that you could walk around it and take a magnifying glass to it if need be. However, I don't know too many people that have a dining room table quite big enough for this timeline.

I think that the idea of this timeline is good. It would be a benefit to someone looking for a very complete biblical timeline. I think it is ideal for an adult doing a Bible study of their own as there is a ton of information that may be confusing to younger children. As a homeschooling family, my biggest concern was with the practicality of it's use and because of that it will remain rolled up in a corner somewhere in our place and will NOT get regular use. Sure, it might get pulled out from time to time to look something up but it's not something we'll run to regularly.

To find more critical reviews of the religious content of this time line please read some other crew members' websites before purchasing by visiting the TOS Homeschool Crew's website. To find out more about the Amazing Bible Timeline be sure to check out their site .

***Any products reviewed by me as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew have been given to me free of charge in order for me to provide you with an honest review of the product and/or how we used the product within our family. I do not receive any other form of compensation for the reviews posted on this blog.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Since I Don't Have Enough to Do-New Thru 30

I've decided to attempt to read the New Testament in 30 days! Last I year I tried, for about a month, to get through the Bible in a year. I figure since I only made it a month in then it might be best to set a 30 day challenge. (Tim what are you doing to me?) I'm a little concerned that 30 days is just really way to fast and it will be much more like a read through than an actual Bible study. There are two grace days each week to catch up so if I can keep up during the week then I will use those to study further.

A little over a year in, I still feel really new to this journey....

Feel free to join in if you wish. You can learn more and get the schedule here. Challenge starts this Saturday!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Homeschooling in the New Year-Part Two

Bright and early on Monday morning Liam and Morgaine knocked on our bedroom door and said "Mom, today we would like homeschool to be like 'pretend real school'. We could have all the subjects and recess and lunch, too." So, without any plan at all, I was thrown into a full day of "real" school.

I got up and set up a "classroom" and then packed lunches while the kids packed school bags (or the closest things they could find to school bags in our house).

We had a scheduled day of classes with regular breaks (a lot of them.....I hope they don't get the impression that "real" school is like that) for free play, recess, snacks, more free play, more recess, more snacks!! It worked really well and despite I had NOTHING prepared we got a lot accomplished. The children insisted on calling me Ms. M. and they were MUCH more willing to listen to Ms. M. than they were to listen to plain ol' Mom. The next day Liam said to me, "You know Mom, it was really fun to learn from Ms. M. She's a really good teacher."

Ms. M. came to help with school again yesterday and popped in again this afternoon. The kids are having fun and are eager to learn again and Mom has come to realize that which SHE thrives on chaos perhaps her children do not. Having a bit of routine and plans will likely greatly benefit them (and probably help Mom not pull her hair out too much once the new baby arrives).

The plan for the rest of this year is to build up a more regular schedule for school while still keeping it fun and light. We've gotten more accomplished in the last 3 days than we have in the last month so it can't be a bad thing. We've worked on English/reading (Liam is writing a book for Daddy's birthday in April...Morgaine is doing Rocket Phonics). we've done geography with Liam taking the reins and teaching Morgaine about the different places in Canada we have lived and visited. Liam has started on multiplication and Morgaine is still loving Right Start Math (combined with Ray's Arithmetic). They've started asking lots of science questions again and experimenting with things around the house. All is good. They haven't given up on their education and Mom as a teacher *lol*.

In the next week, I plan to come up with a general idea of where I want to be at the end of the year (September in this homeschool because my favorite time to teach is actually in the summer under the trees) and an plan on how to get there. I can see Ms. M. coming in to help out from time to time and maybe a scheduling tool like Sue Patrick's Workbox System being put in place. I'm sure I'll be sharing more about our plans in the weeks to come as we adjust to a different method of homeschooling.

I'll also get my fill of fruit as Ms. M. because, according to Morgaine, "students always bring their teachers a banana, apple or mango!"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Homeschooling in the New Year (Part 1-Last Year)

As a homeschooling family, we've pretty much always just gone with the flow. Liam is advanced in his knowledge and Morgaine is still so young that I haven't felt the need to really have any schedule to our learning. Last year we left all the educational books down low and we just went wherever the kids wanted go. Sometimes Rome, sometime Egypt, sometimes on a study of the human body. It worked well for us and it felt like we were going places and doing lots of new, fun and exciting things.

This school year started off with a sick and exhausted Mum. Morning sickness hit in full force and I honestly could only spent and hour or two upright at a time or I'd be ill for the rest of the day. The only thing that was accomplished over a period of 6 to 8 weeks was the occasional worksheet that I would print off for Liam and Morgaine to complete while I rested. When I was feeling better I wanted to get back into homeschooling full force but felt really disorganized (as I hadn't really planned out the school year before the morning sickness hit). The children had also gotten REALLY used to occupying themselves with video games and television so last years "go with the flow" and learn about what the kids want to learn about was just not working. Why pick up a book? All Liam talked about was Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario (or any other various fantasy characters out there) and Morgaine couldn't care less what she watched as long as it was on TV. It was horrible and I had no idea how to get them interesting in learning again. Seriously, I started to question to whole idea of homeschooling and felt very much like perhaps I should just ship them off on a bus.

Slowly we weaned them off of TV and video games and back into some semblance of learning. We started doing the basics of math (with a variety of programs) and English (novel reading/comprehension, penmanship, etc) but that was about it. Because I was certain that we were going to get a science textbook to review I decided not to start a science program (we didn't get one in the end...more about that soon). I didn't have a big plan for history or geography either but we were making some progress.

Then December came and well, holiday preparation and baking and a lot of fun little Christmas worksheets and some Bible study. Nothing regular at all but at that point I wasn't going to force anything figuring that in the new year we'd start fresh and get back on the ball with self-directed learning (with a bit more direction from Mum to make sure that work actually got done).

The kids, however, surprised me yesterday with plans of their own that I will share tomorrow (my hubby needs to computer this evening so this novel of a post will have to wait 'til later). Yesterday was interesting and gave me some insight into how the children want to be taught. It was a good eye opening day that I can't wait to share!

Stay tuned!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Menu Planning (or not Planning) Monday

Lately, I've been heading into the kitchen at 5pm to try to figure out what to make for supper. I never really feel very hungry at all so cooking, even though I love to cook, seems like a chore that just leaves me with a ton of dishes to do (which I DON'T enjoy). I tried to take part in Menu Planning Monday over at Organizing Junkie but as anticipated that only lasted two or three weeks before I gave it up. I never ended up feeling like eating what was scheduled so it didn't quite work out like it was supposed to. Now with winter upon us, my husband works many, MANY hours a day so that also poses a problem because I'd prepare a nice home cooked meal and no one would be here to eat it with me (when it is fresh and looks nice...I like my food to look good as well as taste good and rewarmed food just never has that same appeal.

I'm contemplating giving it a go again but I would love to hear how you decide in advance what you will eat for the week. I'd also love to hear some suggestions on meals that might be appealing but still filling enough for my husband who works pretty hard all day. With the pregnancy all I want is soup and the occasional salad (which obviously isn't enough food because I end up craving sweets later in the day!). Mike needs a decent sized meal when he gets in as well and soup and salad doesn't seem to be enough.

So please tell me how you prepare your meals for the week and if you have nice warm comfort foods that will appeal to a pregnant lady that only feels like eating "light" foods with a husband who needs meals that have "substance".

Hopefully, I'll be back with some ideas and an actual plan next week!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome to the Family

After deliberations we decided that we would indeed keep the kitty that showed up on my doorstep in Mike's arms a couple weeks ago. She gives us the impression of being a much older kitty so chances of finding her another home are probably relatively slim.

I just wanted to officially welcome Ginger Caramel Taffy Whiskers to the family!

Who could turn away a cat as content as this?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Joys of Being a Mother

There's been a lot of poop talk in the house these days....

I have this deal with the children that if they have a poo that is soft then I will be the one that wipes them (I had to strike a deal with them because I was sick of wiping every bum) but otherwise they MUST do it themselves. Well, we have a little something going on. I would hesitate to call it a flu and think it is much more likely the result of too much crappy food topped off with a TON of fruit and nuts. I've been called NUMEROUS times to the washroom to help wipe a bottom. As a result....

....I've been given the name CONSTA-POOP!!

Oh, yes, the joys of being a mother!!

On that note....ENJOY (and not, I will not be teaching this to the children...IMAGINE!!)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday Favorites-January 1st, 2010

Happy New Year!! (it's the first time I've written 2010....time flies, remember celebrating the new millennium? Well, we are already a decade in!)

I've decided that the best way to ensure regular posting this month (and maybe beyond) is to start up some weekly features again. I'll be posting at least one recipe a week (starting with Mike's long awaited shrimp pasta) and doing Friday favorites as well. I'll be searching around the web for a meme or two to join. I'd love to almost double my views next month and considering the slowness of my blog in December that shouldn't be too hard!

This week I am happy to say that I've completed the first, of many, diaper covers for the wee little one. I've even made a little matching hat! I have a terribly hard time completing projects because I always move on to something new (I have AT LEAST 5 other baby projects in the work) so while I love starting projects my favorite thing is when I actually carry them through to completion (a rarity)!

I'm so looking forward to snuggling the wee little bottom in wool. The pattern is so easy (and fun to modify) so I am sure that there will be many more wool soakers in our future!