Thursday, January 28, 2010

28 week belly and an update

Well, we survived our trip to Halifax/Bridgewater, though it wasn't quite the relaxing break we were hoping for! I did indeed grab my Bible and seek refuge in the bathtub every afternoon, though! We ended up going to bed at 8:30 every evening because the kids just WOULD NOT settle in the hotel room. Not what Mike and I were planning (we visualized tea/coffee and board games). So we were relatively irritable the whole visit in Halifax.

Thankfully, once we got to Bridgewater things improved significantly. The cottage that we've decided to stay at is lovely and the gentlemen was very kind to us (perhaps, that is when we will get our relaxing vacation! Though, at 38 weeks I am not sure how relaxed I am going to be...the whirlpool bathtub should help significantly!) It looks like a lovely place to birth a baby. A short little walk to little fishing boats and the water and deer right there on the property (in the 30 minutes we were there we saw several). NICE!

The midwives were lovely and it was nice to see all the other holistic/alternative therapies that are available in Bridgewater. Certainly a town that we will consider moving to in a couple years. The appointment went well. There is some confusion over who will actually be attending my birth as they both have vacations scheduled around my due date. I'll have to bounce between them until the time comes. It is possible that I will "risk-out" of a home birth because of the bleeding I had last birth (it was more significant than they realized when we spoke on the phone). I will have to meet with the family doctor and/or OBGYN that they use as back-up and see what he has to say. They seem relatively confident that I will get what I want but I am less sure. I'm hoping that they take his recommendation as just that, a recommendation. The only thing different with being home is that there wouldn't be blood available immediately but I have every confidence that they'd be able to handle the situation. I've decided that I'll already go the route of having a "managed" 3rd stage (ergh, yep, not loving the idea but in terms of intervention that is really, really minimal) just to ease their concerns. I am confident, though, that bleeding WILL NOT be an issue this time around. My placenta will do EXACTLY what it is meant to do, just like it is doing a wonderful job of nourishing this little baby at this time.

My due date seems to be getting later and later (though, both my date of conception and each U/S have matched exactly the due date I've been going by...putting me at 28 weeks 5 days today). I can't really complain because they run into trouble when women run "late" and it is likely that I will indeed go late. My babies REALLY like to prove people wrong so watch this little one come early *lol*

So here I am at either just over 27 weeks or 28 weeks 5 days!

I'm feeling pretty good right now. Sleep is still much better since changing sides of the bed with Mike. I'm beginning to get tired in the afternoon and am thinking that regular afternoon naps might soon be starting. I was thinking just the other night that by this point in Morgaine's pregnancy I was resting each afternoon and meditating on the birth and I haven't started that yet. I'm not sure at all how I will manage with two kids but we shall see. I think that the rest would make a world of difference for everyone so maybe once they see that they'll be content to play quietly for a bit each afternoon! The aches and pains of a couple weeks ago seem to be improving a bit now so all is going well.

Soon, I will be counting down to our "vacation" to the cottage. I can hardly wait

(and if anyone wants to donate some money to the cause...I'd love to get down there sooner *lol*)....he he he

64 days to go!!! (and a whole bunch more before the babe makes an appearance *lol*)

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  1. Absolutely adorable bump. So exciting to plan for the welcome of a new little one.

    Praying for the placenta to be a non-issue during birth and for a normal, healthy delivery.

    Thanks for sharing.