Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pregnancy Update...No Belly This Week

Didn't get a chance to have a photo of the bump taken this week but things continue to go well. It was finally confirmed that I will indeed be able to give birth with the midwives in Bridgewater, NS. The midwife I spoke to on the phone was lovely and we seem to share the same philosophies on pregnancy and childbirth. She was very easy to talk to and warm and it felt easy enough to get to know her via the phone. Mike and I have decided, however, to travel to Bridgewater next weekend to meet so we can put a face to the name. At the same time I am hoping to see the local osteopath and make the final arrangements for renting a cottage here. It is likely that the children and I will arrive in the area once I reach full term (37 weeks) and Mike will come nearer my due date. Chances are he would arrive in time even if I called him to come should labour start before my due date. I'm anticipating a straight forward labour but chances are it will take more than 5 hours from start to finish (though one never knows!) The midwife has changed my due date to the latest one possible (though I know when I conceived and both u/s match with that date and not the LMP date) because of legislation in NS stating they cannot attend a labour past 42 weeks. So this little one had better not be the one to prove me wrong when I say I NEVER have my babies early!

We've started to prepare for the arrival of wee baby. I did decided to purchase some organic cotton disposables for the baby's first couple of days. Those meconium poops at the beginning aren't something I've enjoyed messing with in the past and really, I prefer to toss to works in the trash (poor Liam EXPLODED when he was born and the diaper, the outfit, the baby (okay, NOT the baby!) got tossed. I can't imagine trying to clean it out of a cloth diaper! (if I had enough prefolds, I "might" be tempted to used them and toss the first couple, but I'm not sure!). Yes, I'm a Mom and yes, I talk about poop!

We also picked up a few little outfits.....5 onsies (but cute ones), 2 shirts with snaps (long sleeves), 5 PJs, and 2 nightgowns....for baby. Good deal for 14 dollars I would say. I'm beginning to get more and more excited to meet this little one, though it will be some time yet!

He is getting big, despite my measuring on the smaller side and has been really quite active and already has been hanging out near my ribs (I've never had a baby do that before...they've always hung out really looooooow). The doctor used to doppler yesterday to hear the heartbeat and the baby gave me the biggest kick so far when she was finished. He was incredible hard to settle all day and was CRAZY active all afternoon and evening when he usually sleeps! I'm not sure he appreciated it! I'm tempted to bring my fetoscope to the next appointment but she'd likely look at me like I've grown two heads! Oh, well!

I'll be away on my next regularly scheduled baby update day and likely won't be able to post until the Monday or Tuesday but I'll try to snap a picture and will let you know how the midwifery appointment goes as well.

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