Friday, January 29, 2010

Fit Mama Friday-Week 3

Oh my, Oh my! The weight is piling on......

BUT, I actually had a pretty good week in terms of healthy eating/exercise. I didn't let going out of town blow my healthy eating plans to smithereens. While we were away we only ate at the restaurant twice. Both times I made healthy choices with salads. I'll admit to having one not so healthy TV dinner in a hotel room on Sunday. I only had a soft drink once and I chose one that wasn't a cola because I figured at least I'd be cutting out the caffeine that way. Otherwise we snacked on whole wheat pitas, cheese, nuts, yogurt, granola and fruits for the 4 days we were away. It's the way I normally like to eat (graze through the day) but most often at home we do not have a lot of healthy snacks in the house (so I dig into the jelly beans.....which got into an accident earlier in the week and ended up ALL OVER the bedroom floor so they aren't a worry any more!)

As far as exercise goes, I think I did fairly well this week. I walked briskly 3 times for about 45 minutes to an hour each time. I've been forced to stretch quite a bit just to stay comfortable so I try to make that into an actually "work-out" a couple times a day (only 5 or 10 minutes at a time, though).

Next week brings the beginning of February so no more soft drinks for me (as my initial goal was to cut them out by the end of January and I think I've succeeded). I'll continue on with my salads and would like to cut out even more sugar by adding the protein that I know my body is craving. I need to go into town and pick up a bunch of nuts and healthy snacks, I think! In terms of exercise, I'll have to find some indoor activities because it is supposed to be colder next week so I may not feel like walking too much. I'm wondering if banging on the drums (in Rockband) is considered legitimate exercise. Drumming is an ideal position for fetal positioning (which I need to work on because my placenta is taking over the side and area where I want this sweet babies back to be!!) and it also let out a whole lot of tension! I'm not feeling particularly drawn to yoga this time around (though I would love to be) so I think I will have to nix that idea for now.

Not so exciting but that was my week!

Be sure to check in with my girls over at Got Chai? to see how everyone else faired this week!


  1. I definitely think drumming for rock band qualifies as exercise. Go for it! :)

  2. I think if you drum hard enough, RockBand can be considered legitimate exercise! ;) I figure, if you're sweatin'--then you're good!

    I'm more of a grazer, too. And like you, if there isn't anything healthy in the house, I'll graze on whatever I can find. Usually junk! (Ahem)

    But it sounds as though you had a pretty successful week overall. :) Good job!

    See you next week!