Friday, January 22, 2010

Fit Mama Friday-Jan 22nd

So we'll call this my Fit Mama Friday post, though I am thinking that it would make a better "Not Me" Monday! (as in I did not sit on my bottom all week doing nothing and eating jelly beans. NO! NOT ME!)

This week was pretty horrible in terms of eating. I ate more sweets than I would care to (considering my goal to grow a smaller baby). I didn't eat as much salad as I have in the past weeks. A couple times, I didn't feel like cooking in the least and Mike brought home ready prepared stuff to toss in the oven. EWWW. I've been in a bad mood, tired, sore all over and short of breath and while the easy foods were supposed to help I'm convinced, if anything, they've made things worst.

Exercise has been all that much better, either. I've walked to the library/church a couple times but that's about it. I did do some light stretching a couple times earlier in the week but really, it should barely count. I did not find a suitable yoga DVD but will search this weekend when we are in the city.

My goals for next week are to get back on the healthy eating wagon. We will be in the city this weekend and eating out a lot but I hope to pick nutritious options as much as possible. We'll likely walk around/visit places a far amount while we are away so that will be good exercise. I'll walk to the library at least once next week even though the children's activities are cancelled. I'll still try to find some sort of yoga program for pregnant women. I am sure that a google search would turn up exactly what I need (and I am familiar with yoga so don't really need a guide to show me in person) but I guess I am not that motivated yet (though, it would certainly help my energy and like my aches and pains as well).

If I have another week like this next week (hey, I am being honest) please feel free to give me a swift kick to the bottom to get me moving (or at least eating something worthwhile!)

I hope the other Mama's at Got Chai? have had a better week!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't doing great with pregnancy exercise. And the mini snicker bars don't do much either. The exercise I did this week helped, but I'm just not the motivated to keep at it! Here's hoping next week is better for both of us!

  2. Sounds like everyone had a rough time this week. I was viciously attacked by a bag of Fritos. The tight-in-the-middle jeans today are proof of that. (Sigh)

    You have my permission to give me a swift kick to the booty next week, too! :) (Should I require it, that is. Hopefully not!)

    However, I do feel that your walking around town and stretching DOES count!

  3. I also did poorly with nutrition this week. I hope you can also do better this upcoming week! :) I do know that there are some pregnancy videos which incorporate at least some yoga into them. I had one, may still have it around somewhere.

  4. I had a preggo yoga tape around... what was it called???? Okay, Amazon to the rescue... Crunch Yoga Mama. I thought it was pretty decent. I'm 99% sure I gave it away after my last pregnancy, or I'd offer to send it your way.

    Hope this week is better.

  5. Danielle, at least it was a mini snickers bar! I've been enjoying jelly beans and we have a big jar full. I wish someone else would eat them!

    Denise, my week started off when I was attacked (yes, I like wasn't my fault...I was "attacked") by birthday cake but unfortunately it didn't end there!

    Michelle, thanks for the support! I hope you have a better weeks next week! I hope we ALL do *lol*

    Debra, I had a video last pregnancy. I cannot recall the name now but it was on VHS and unfortunately our VCR got attacked by a curious 2 year old with a couple rocks and some carrot sticks!

  6. Everyone has bad weeks! I didn't even try to exercise during pregnancy, so you are miles ahead of me. And, hey, jelly beans are a fat-free food, right? It could have been worse.

    I'm with Denise, walking around town and stretching are certainly "fit" activities. I would consider some of your week successful!