Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's Going on in my Garden Wednesday

Well, since I no longer have a baby belly to update about weekly, I've decided to update on my other little project, the square foot garden. I've been quite impressed with it's growth. I think the mix of warm days and on and off showers has done wonders for it.

The only think we planted from seeds were bean bush and they have popped their heads above ground in the past couple of days. The cucumbers are doing well and so is the leaf lettuce (already being enjoyed in our sandwiches). I wish the chard was doing more but it is still early in the season. I'm anxious to eat it and a sure I will be sick of it come fall!

Strawberries are indeed trying to take over the beats and new year we will definitely give them their own container! My Cauliflower looks really good but we had no success with it last year so I'm up for any advice on how to keep the heads from going to flowers so easily. There's a row of tomatoes along the top as well and they are the smallest I have but I have hope!

These are my peppers and Tiny Tim tomato plants. The pepper plants have buds not and the Tiny Tim's are starting to flower so there will little fruits there soon enough!

My Scotia tomatoes and some Romaine lettuce doing will. There is a lone pepper plant looking a little sad and I think cucumbers and carrots as well.

My yummy and successful spinach! We've been eating up the baby leaves and have some maturing quite nicely as well. There's also three pepper plant being taken over by carrot tops and some leeks that I am no so sure about. I'm hoping to actually get some heads of iceburg lettice this year but didn't have success with them last year.

My herbs are doing well but I won't post pictures as they won't change much from week to week with us using them.

I hope you all have beautiful gardens as well!

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  1. Your garden is doing very well. I'm still waiting on a lot of my plants to get going. I did get to harvest my first tomato yesterday.