Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finding Uses for Unused Things-Wax Crayons

This looks familiar, doesn't it?

If you have young kids at home then you most likely have broken up crayons. Not only are they broken up but they are never used. They are just sitting on the shelf taking up space. In an effort to organize and simplify my life, I decided that the crayons MUST go. Not wanting to just toss them I did the whole, not so creative idea, of melting them in a mini muffin tin. Morgaine stayed occupied for the better part of an hour peeling the crayons and loved the final results.

She loved them so much that she's using them for the first time in over a year, and actually putting them away when she is done with them. No more stepping on stray crayons trying to make a get away!


  1. I really need to save up our bits and try this. I know my youngsters would have fun with these and actually color for a little while!

    I like your blog layout. I would like to see a little blurb under your about me. Like how many children you have or something so I get a quick idea of who I'm listening to. Everything else looks good to me.

  2. Thanks Briana,

    I've been contemplating what to write as my little blurb. I'll get something down there soon! (and likely move it up a little, too!