Monday, November 12, 2007

The Magic Hour

In The Writer's Guide to Crafting Stories for Children Nancy Lamb describes the time before you fall asleep and the time just before you wake up as the magic hour and how as a writer you should try to get this time every day where you can just relax and let your mind wonder wherever it wants to go. She says that this time of day is when we are most creative and when most of our problem solving gets done. All I could think was "wow, an uninterrupted hour when I can sleep."

Being the lovely partner he is, Mike decided to give me my magic hour on Saturday morning. I took a few deep breaths and rolled over to relax and let my mind wonder. My daughter screamed outside the door "I want Mommy. I want Mommy. I WANT MOMMY." Finally Mike convinced her to go downstairs with him. Ah peace. Then bang, bang, BANG. "MOMMY". Then 10 minutes later. knock. knock. knock. knock. knock. Then quiet. I drift off. The visions start coming to me. They are so close. Then BANG and "MOMMY" and cries all at once and I am up in Mommy mode and all is forgotten.

I didn't even get my magic 15 minutes. I'm thinking Nancy Lamb doesn't have children.

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