Saturday, November 17, 2007

Liam's Half Birthday

We had a birthday party yesterday. Liam turned 4 1/2 years old. I thought I'd tell you about my little boy in celebration of his half birthday.


I don't really know where to begin. Liam is a wise little soul. He always has been. When you looking into his eyes you see someone that is much older than his 4 1/2 years. He is serious. He is focused. He can work happily on a project for hours at a time. He's always been interested in how things work. His favourite passtime is playing with his woonden blocks and train set. He's had these toys for two years but never grows tired of playing with them. He's a master of the double (and even triple) decker train track. He also loves Wedgits and can build all the complicated models (using two sets) but his favourites are his imagination models. He loves to read and is learning to read quite well on his own. He loves the computer and is better at many of the games then his Mama is. He loves to eat and his favorites are chicken nuggets, brocoli, and tofu cheese (firm tofu....he is allergic to milk). He hates onions. It's hard to get him to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Like his Mama he has a lot of seasonal allergies and is allergic to flies and unfortunately we found severely allergic to bee stings. So it has to be a really special occasion (like grandma and grandpa coming over) to pull him away from his books, blocks and computer to get him outside. The best we do is get him outside to go check the mail and walk around the block. In the summer he'll go to the park but it is a struggle with the fall here and winter soon to come. Liam is pretty shy and is certainly a quite boy. Not at all rough and tumble. He's sweet and caring but he also knows the things that drive his Mama crazy (he likes to have Mama do EVERYTHING for him) and likes to take lots of time to settle in bed at night (more water, I have to pee, another book, Mum can you cuddle, Mum can I tell you another story, Mum, Mum, Mum). However, there is nothing better than cuddling with my boy at the end of day!

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