Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I make a mean curry

and I don't even like curry.

Well, my boob attached 2 and a bit (oh my it's getting closer to 2 and 1/2) year old daughter doesn't like to eat, and I mean she doesn't like to eat ANYTHING. A couple months ago we had a friend staying with us and she asked me what my kids would eat. Easy, Liam will eat anything and Morgaine just won't eat. So anyways, a few days later she prepared a curry and sat it down in front of my picky little daughter and the girl just gobbled it up and then asked for "more, pease" (too cute...she signed it as well as said it and she only does that when she REALLY wants something). I was SHOCKED!

So we came to realise that our kids loves curry. If we curry anything she will eat. We've had curried chicken, curried soups, curried shimp, curried pork, curried turkey (yes, turkey), and curried veggies and legumes and she eats it right up. The thing is Mama really dislikes cooking curry. Once she can get past the smell she can eat the curry and find it enjoyable enough but the smell bugs her to no end.

Anyways, as most everyone enjoys my curry and I made it tonight I figure I'd post the recipe (and I NEVER use a recipe for cooking and I never make it the same way once). I don't measure things and I don't time them either but my cooking is usually pretty decent. It was a challenge for me today to take note of the measurements and time things cooked for but for you I did it.

You'll need:

  • 1 small-medium onion

  • about 4 ounces of mushrooms (don't asked how much that is in cups...I used half an eight ounce container)

  • oil

  • 2 large carrots thinly sliced

  • 2 stalks of celery

  • frozen peas

  • whatever meat or legume you'd like (today we used a tiny bit of left over pork roast)

  • 1/2 cup of water

  • 2 tps of curry (I used Victorian Epicure Curry DIp Mix).

  • flour to thicken sauce.

First you saute the onions and mushrooms in the oil until they are golden brown.


Then add the water, thinly sliced carrots and celery and the curry. You can add any other veggies you like as well. I usually put brocoli but we were out. It's something where I just use whatever we happen to have in the fridge.

After 5 minutes add the protein of your choice and the frozen peas. Let things heat for about 5 minutes and then you'll pretty much have your curry. Add a teaspoon or so of flour to the liquid to make a sauce.


Then serve it over the carb of your choice and you have your meal.




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