Tuesday, November 27, 2007


A little over 5 years ago I happened to find myself pregnant and longing to connect with other mothers who were going through the same things that I was and a stumbled onto a little online group (y'all know who you are) and I have found myself to have been incredibly blessed by knowing these women whom have become a part of my family as my own family grew and evolved. I've been on other groups before, a number of them actually, but none of them have had the impact that these Mamas have. To have come together because of something so random as a due date but to have stayed together because we've formed something so unique and special is just awesome. Over the years we've shared eachother joys, and there have been many. The arrival of all of our little babies plus futher down the line the arrival of sibblings for those babies. There have been weddings and promotions and the wonders of mother hood. There have also been difficult times. One women lost her family home to a fire within months of the arrival of her baby. Two women have survived cancer. One woman miraculously received a heart transplant within months of the arrival of a new baby. There have been family deaths and divorces. Through all of this we have laugh, cried, and lived together. I don't know that there is a regular member that wouldn't say that the women of this board have become to an extent a part of their family or at least their lives.

So obviously when I was faced with the decision to blog or spend a wonderful evening with one of these Mamas, the evening with that Mama won hands down. She welcomed us into her home ever so graciously on like 24 hour notice. Seriously, I e-mailed her the morning before and said "guess what? Mike needs to be in your neck of the woods, want company?". We had a lovely evening together and it was so totally worth it. Unfortunately, I Miss bundle of shyness so I might have come of as nervous (but honestly, I was totally comfortable). We've planned to get together again and usually by third visits I'm right as rain (you have been warned, Shari). Anyways, I was away visiting my cyber family (oh yeah, and Mike had a business meeting) and that is why (mostly) I've been away from the computer.

Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know how blessed I feel to have this wonderful group in my life. Each time I get to meet one of you is a blessing. Getting to share in your stories, joys, triumphs and sadness is a privledge. I love each and every one of you Mamas.

I'll see you  on the board!!

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