Monday, March 1, 2010

The Things She Says

Despite being occasionally mortified by my daughter's outspoken personality, for the most part I have to laugh at some of the things that she says.


I'm trying to use up some left over wool by making a very multicolour blanket.

Me (when asked what I was doing): "Oh, I'm just fooling around with the wool making a blanket to get rid of the scraps."

A few days later, sitting in the car waiting for Mike, knitting.

Morgaine: "Hey, Mom, are you still fooling around?"

Same afternoon, walking through the store past the knitting section.

Morgaine (at the top of her lungs): MOM, I LOVE IT WHEN YOU FOOL AROUND!!


Driving down the road.

Morgaine, out of the blue in a small voice: Mom, the people told me they love my nipples.

Me: Your nipples? Who told you that?

Morgaine: They told me they liked my nipples.

Me (feeling rather concerned and racking my brain trying to think when anyone would ever get the occasion to see her nipples):
Morgaine, when did anyone see your nipples?

Morgaine: They did see them.

Me: But who, Morgaine?

Morgaine: The people at Tim Hortons. They looked at me and told me they love my nipples. They made me come show them.

A few days earlier we'd been at the coffee shop where an elderly couple loved Morgaine's DIMPLES and asked her to come over and show her smile to their friend.


At a friend's house, squash left in a pile on the side of her plate.

Me: Morgaine, are you going to eat your squash?

Morgaine: My squash is just too squashy.


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  1. Oh Morgaine... how I miss you! :o)

    Nipples indeed! ROTFL!