Friday, March 5, 2010

Fit Mama Friday-March 5th

Wow, 8 weeks already and most of the girls who started out on Got Chai? are holding strong and sticking in there with weekly updates (even when they aren't doing so well). I love that I can post here and get encouragement and am hoping that some of my other Fit (and want to be Fit) Mama's will join in the fun as well.

This week has been going alright. There's been some stress but I am glad to say that I haven't succumbed to emotional eating (I've been doing well with just 1 or 2 mini chocolate eggs that I bought a day...I mean, a pregnant lady needs a little bit of chocolate). Eating has been a bit of struggle, healthy or otherwise. At only 33 and a bit weeks I am feeling really ready for labour and my body seems to be ready too, only allowing me to eat a little at a time. Most foods are getting unappealing so finding things that work has been difficult. It feels so early to be feeling that way so I am hoping that my appetite improves soon!

Exercise has been alright this week. Of course, most of it has been from our treks to the library (I've walked so much that I broke the heel off my shoe on my last excursion out *lol*) but I did do a little painting this week and I am hoping that knitting will be an Olympic sport one day. My fingers have certainly been getting a workout!

Next week my goal is to find a couple of appealing healthy foods and again to drink more water.

Be sure to check in to Got Chai? and lend your support to the other Mamas on this challenge (and join in if you haven't already!!).

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