Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Belly Picture-33 1/2 weeks

Well, we are slowly getting there folks. I'm feeling a little more balanced than I was a couple of weeks ago so that is good. I am beginning to feel ready to meet this little baby, though. It's the first pregnancy where I've felt really done this early. Maybe a sign that the baby won't hang in there too long past its due date, but probably not! My babies like to bake a little longer! Now that we are in March the time seems like it is getting close. I can buy eggs now that are good until my due date *lol*. I have everything all set up for the birth (besides wanting to stitch up some receiving blankets on my non-functional sewing machine!) so we are good to go. I'm enjoying knitting in the evenings (little things for baby and for Morgaine's teddies, and a special blanket for my big boy, Liam). I'm hoping to take things mostly slowly and quietly over the next month and a bit and enjoy these last weeks of a Mom of two. With spring coming, Mike will be around a bit more in the days now so I'll have a little less to do so we can focus more on fun school and just hanging out. I need to pull out my camera a bit more and actually capture some pictures of them!

The baby belly seems to be our main subject these days so without further ado, here I am at 33 1/2 weeks!

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