Sunday, March 28, 2010

Belly Pictures-37 weeks

Full term, Baby!!

Mama is feeling REALLY full of baby right now. It feels like in the past week my belly has gone from lots of squishy areas to hard baby all over!! Yes, maybe the baby moved into a better position BUT I'm thinking a major growth spurt happened, too. I'm pretty sure we'll have a near 9lbers again this time.

We'll be heading off in the next 3 or 4 days to Bridgewater in order to have the baby with the midwives. It's an exciting time. We've never really gone on a "vacation" as a family before so we are hoping that we have a little while there just to enjoy the family of 4 before baby #3 arrives but at the same time don't want baby to hold out 'til last minute either. Let's face it, the last few weeks of pregnancy aren't the most comfortable and neither would be traveling home within a couple days of birth. A nice 39 weeks baby (smack dab the middle of our stay) would be much appreciated but really, baby has the final say!

Not really much else to report on the baby front. I may not have internet access while at the retreat (we are debating bringing the computer) so I am not sure if you will get another update or not before wee baby arrives. We will find ways to let folks know when sweet baby comes earth-side.

Until then, I am signing off (besides my million and one reviews due before I leave) and wishing my other pregnant mama friends lovely birthing energy and much love.


  1. Hi Katrina,
    Just thought I would write and let you know I am thinking of you and wishing you a very happy and healthy delivery in the comming week and also say that you do pregnancy well - belly wise wow! I am envious :)
    Cannot wait to see the little on in pictures and again, wishing you well with the delivery...

  2. I'm praying for you Katrina... I'm praying for that wonderful sticky baby to unstick soon and come out and greet us in the Big Wide World. I can't wait to hear all the details! I am SO sorry I'm not closer to come and visit you.
    Have a blessed birthing experience,

    ps, email me your mailing address, please.

  3. Wishing u all the best and hoping all goes as planned but one never knows what Babies plan is. Waiting patiently for the news of the new little bundle of joy. Wish I was closer so I could watch the kids. Hugs.

  4. Came over to see how things were going, and to let you know that you are in my prayers. Can't wait to hear the birth story.

    Praying all goes well!