Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Okay, I'll bite....10 reasons to enjoy the 3rd trimester!

My friend, Ilana (co-founder of the amazing Apple Cheeks reusable diaper, BTW) over at A Reusable Diaper Revolution, posted her 10 reasons to enjoy the 3rd trimester and I told her that instead of embracing the 3rd trimester I thought I'd just sulk instead....well, sulking isn't all that much fun so here we go....

My 10 reasons to enjoy the 3rd trimester:

  1. When I sulk, I generally get left alone and no one bugs me to know what's wrong because I'm most obviously "just hormonal".

  2. I can disappear in the middle of the afternoon and lay in bed with my iPod and have my daughter (who has been known to repeatedly come into the room when I am resting to say "hello") actually warn the rest of the family to stay away because "Mommy needs some time alone to rest."

  3. The kids love to talk about what the baby will be like when he is born and also come up with crazy questions and some off the wall comments about the pregnancy as well (Morgaine's latest...we shower together...."oh, Mommy, your nipples are so brown now."......all the better for the baby to see, my dear!

  4. When the baby moves now we can "play." You kick? Okay, I poke.....your turn!!

  5. Finally, my older children are sleeping (mostly) through the night so I am enjoying uninterrupted sleep for the first time in almost 7 years......if he is anything like his sibblings it will be a LONG time before I sleep this well again!

  6. I'll soon get to cover the wee baby's bottom with all the little wool projects I've worked on over the last 8 months.

  7. I almost always feel full so overeating is a thing of the past!

  8. However, if I am craving chocolate (or ice cream) I feel totally fine indulging!

  9. If I ask for help, it's almost always met with a "yes, dear!" Even the children are beginning to see that once Mommy gets down it is hard to get her up so they might as well pick up their own toys/books/rooms/dishes/dirt clothes/crumbs, etc.

  10. There's only a little over 6 weeks (hopefully) before this week baby comes earthside and then all the fun will begin!

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