Friday, March 26, 2010

Fit Mama Friday-March 26th

Well, this is likely to be my last Fit Mama Friday update before I become the mother of THREE! No, no, NO there's pretty much no chance that I'll have the wee baby by next week BUT we will be at the cottage where we will be birthing and I do not think that we will have internet access there (what's a retreat if we don't actually retreat from anything?).

There really isn't much of anything to report here this week AT ALL. I deal with facial neuralgia that was doing pretty good though the pregnancy but hit with a vengeance on Monday and has plagued me all week. So basically, moving hurts so I haven't done much of anything at all. I didn't walk anywhere and our one outing out yesterday, I ended up sitting in the car. Fun stuff. Good for getting in shape for labour, I tell you!

Food wise, I haven't been terribly hungry but have started to put on a bit of weight again. I certainly will NOT go over my expected weight gain this time around and that is almost shocking to me. Once baby is out, I won't have all that much extra to loose (though, I tend to hold on to everything while nursing so I will have to work myself to get back into shape if I intend to do so). I haven't been having snacks like I planned on doing. I tend to graze when my husband is out of the house but with him home full time now, I find myself only eating at meal times. I still really, really want to do better in that regards as having good energy will be more and more important as that due date sneaks up. I'm thinking some nice cheeses and crackers maybe. My good ol' standby of nuts isn't that appealing so finding their replacement isn't easy. I think I'll blend up some humus as well for the week.

So, I will be back after this wee baby has arrived and will share a post baby belly shot so I see my new starting point as I get back into shape as the Fit Mama to 3.

Wishing all my other Fit Mamas over at Got Chai? a wonderful month of April. I will see you come May!


  1. Blessings! I wish you a safe and peaceful labor and a wonderful bonding time with baby. See you in May.

    Annie Kate

  2. Congratulations on Baby #3 and not going over your expected weight. I hope you have an easy delivery, a healthy baby and a speedy recuperation. See you in May.

  3. How wonderful! I can't wait to hear all about your newest blessing. Have a good week!