Friday, February 26, 2010

Fit Mama Friday-February 26th

Hello there, fellow Fit Mamas!!

I am happy to say that this week was MUCH better than the previous week. I do want to clarify, though, that when I was complaining about my diet last week it was purely from a nutritional perspective because I got several messages telling me not to worry about the calorie content of the food I was eating and to enjoy. Honestly, I likely was NOT getting ENOUGH calories and the ones I was getting were unhealthy so that is where my concern lay. I usually eat pretty healthfully so the indulgence in junk without much of anything healthy to balance things out was my concern. I have no worries in terms of calories in the least, my goal is to eat eat HEALTHY and get some exercise and I have no concerns about weight in the least.

So, as I was saying, this week was better than the last. There was a 20% off sale on fresh produce at our grocery store last week so I managed to get a lot of fruit and vegetables. I ate a whole wheat pita/tortilla (or two) every lunch hour stuff with salad, cheese, roasted vegetables, meat (sometimes), and my spicy sour cream. I had fruit for breakfast each day and nuts to snack on throughout the day. There was also lots of veggies left for supper time as well. I did not indulge a lot in extras, though, I have been enjoying a chocolate or two from the box Mike brought home for us on Wednesday. Yummy. We've already purchased our groceries for the week so I'll likely do something similar next week with a nice soup or two thrown in as well. I would like to get back to drinking just a tad more water a day, too, so that's something I'll need to keep in mind. I think I'll fill up some jars and put them in the fridge so I see them when I open the door up.

I also did pretty well in the exercise department this week. We spent a fair amount of time at the library this week so I walked there and back frequently and we took the kids out to the park this afternoon. I feel pretty good with the amount of exercise I am doing. I'd like to do a bit more but baby is making it more uncomfortable. He was transverse (sideways) for the better part of the week, lessening my aches and pains and giving me some room to breathe but he is flipped again (HOORAY!!!!) now making things a little bit harder. I'll try to get in one walk this week by myself to just enjoy a little bit of quiet as that can sometimes be quite refreshing.

I'm wishing all my other Mama friends a wonderful and healthy week!! To see how they are all doing be sure to check out Got Chai?


  1. It sounds like you had a great week!

    I would love to be able to walk to the library. What a blessing for you to be able to. Have a great weekend!

  2. I wish I lived within walking distance to our library, too! That would be so nice. (Well, technically I probably could do it on my own...the kids? Not so much. They'd plot some serious revenge if I did! LOL)

    Your grocery store offered 20% off produce? That's incredible!! Good for you!

    Hope baby stays at a nice position to where you're not too uncomfy. :)

    See you next week!!!

  3. It sounds like you had a very Fit Mommy week. :)

    Good for you!

    Annie Kate