Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Look! I DO Take Photos!

Sure, I'm mostly taking the pictures because I got nice new Applecheek™ diaper covers in the mail and now Ruadhán has such a cute little bottom that I couldn't help grabbing a few shots. That works for all of you that just want to catch a glimpse of the baby, right? I'm really an action shot kind of photographer and babies don't really do much so he hasn't been in the spotlight too much, yet!

First attempt at "tummy time" and it's not too bad....

Looking puzzled. Why am I on the floor, Mum, and not in your arms?

Not bad, I could get used to this!

I think I'm loved....

No, I KNOW I am!


  1. Adorable... and yes... we just want a glimpse of the baby... many glimpses!

  2. Definitely loved (smiles).

  3. LOVELY photos Katrina!! My he is sooo adorable and chubby cheecked... :)
    Hope you are all well!!