Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I wanted to write something inspired to celebrate today. I wanted to write about the joys that come with being a mother. I wanted to write about my own mother, who has been gone for far too long. I wanted to share the little special moments of being a mother to three children but today, what I am feeling mostly is how unbelievably HARD it is to be a parent. The worries. The wishes. The moments of "how could I have possibly said/did that?". The fears for the future. The differences of opinions. The (sometime outright) defiance. The "what if?". There are so many Mamas out there struggling at this time to give their children the best that they can and what I really want to say is THANK YOU!! If you feel that being a mother is the hardest job out there, if you feel your children's pain, worry about their futures, but rejoice in their little successes then you are being a good mother. If you are trying to do right by your children and your family then you are doing good enough. There's no such thing as perfection....

I'm wishing my good enough Mama friends a wonderful and blessed day....each and every day....despite how crazy hard it is!


  1. And thank you! It is hard, but the blessings are great. Have a restful week.

  2. That was absolutely beautifully said Katrina. Being a mother is the most important job a woman can have. You said Hope your Mother,s Day was great!