Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cooking With Sue Gregg

Product: Meals in Minutes
Company: Sue Gregg Cookbooks
Price: 9.00$US

As many of you who read my blog regularly might know, we are currently away from home because we needed to travel to have the opportunity to birth our baby with a midwife. We've been living away from home for the past month, but sweet baby has been born and I will be returning home to a freezer filled with healthy meals. Nope, the neighbours haven't been bringing casseroles (or I hope not 'cause they'd be getting rather gross sitting on our steps by now) but I managed, with Sue Gregg's help and Meals in Minutes to prepare several dishes to freeze before leaving.

After realizing that her family's chronic health concerns might be a result of a nutritional deficient diet, Sue Gregg started experimenting with nutritionally dense foods and whole grains. She start eliminating questionable foods from her pantry and has since begun teaching others how to eat the way we were meant to. Though several cookbooks Sue Gregg has made it her mission to teach us how too cook with whole grains, introducing such techniques as soaking and blending.

Meals in Minutes is a cookbook of make ahead meals that can be conveniently frozen and then pulled out as needed. Sue Gregg describes in detail how to cook with whole grains, the best canned/frozen goods/spices to purchase, and the best ways to thaw and reheat her meals. She then shares 25 recipes/meal plans with us broken down into the following categories:

  • 5 Timesaver Meals

  • 5 Convenience Meals

  • 5 Quick Meals 5

  • Make-Ahead Meals

  • 5 Ready-to-Serve Meals

Each section comes with a grocery list for the week as well as suggested side dishes that could be served along with the recipe. While I was not initially fond of the format of the recipes (with the ingredients listed throughout the recipes as opposed to at the beginning of each recipe) I soon got used to the idea of reading through the whole recipe before beginning. I have not tried any of her meals from frozen as of yet but we have been happy with what we've tried freshly prepared.

The only real issue that I have with the recipes in the cookbook is that I do find that they rely a little heavily on canned/frozen foods and as a little bit of a "foodie" if I am going to cook from scratch I really want to cook from scratch and not have to pull out my can opener. All in all, though, these recipes were easy, healthy and turned out good. For 9.00$US you cannot go wrong if you are on the path to healthier eating (or want to be).

There are numerous free recipes on Sue Gregg's website so be sure to check them out and while you are there read more about her journey to healthier eating.

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