Friday, May 7, 2010

Fit Mama Friday-May 7th

I'll admit it. I'm sitting here eating an ice cream cone as I type this. The ice cream isn't 100 mile and it certainly isn't healthy but it sure is good.

That being said, we did groceries yesterday and stocked up on all kinds of healthy stuff. Lots and lots of fruits and greens, asparagus, mushrooms, tomatoes and more. Nothing was 100 Mile BUT the local farm is now open so soon enough we will be able to start getting a bit more local food. By July or August it is my goal to be back on the 100 Mile Diet in full force. For those of you that haven't heard of the 100 Mile Diet or read about our earlier attempts at it here are a couple links.... Introduction to the 100 Mile Diet and Foraging: The Life of a 100 Mile Dieter. We only managed to follow this diet for the month of August last year. By the first week of September I was plagued with morning sickness and then fatigue set in so easy to prepare foods became key (though, I am ashamed to admit how heavily we relied on that stuff. This year there will be no pregnancies interfering with the plan but I'll have to get a good carrier in order to get wee baby on my back and "out of the way" so I can tend to my kitchen and all the foraging that comes along with eating local. I cannot wait!

The diet also gives one a workout rummaging through the forest looking for food (seriously, we did this last year!) so that will be a benefit (though we found our favorite places for a variety of berries already). As it stands right now the only exercise I am doing is marathon nursing, occasionally sucking in my tummy as I walk, and those lovely kegel exercises that one is supposed to do after having a baby. I hope to add in a few more tummy exercises next week. As suspected, I am indeed below my pre-pregnancy weight but there is some toning to do and I really need to get into the habit of working out. I like to eat and I am sure that once my appetite returns it will be really easy to start gaining weight (I tend to hold on to calories when I am nursing as oppose to using them up) so exercise is going to have to feature more regularly in my plans.

I hope that my other Mamas are doing well and getting out there this spring and enjoying the weather! Please check in with them at Got Chai? and leave a word of encouragement or two (and remember it is never too late to join in, too!)

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