Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wee Books at the Right time

wee-bookicon Just a few weeks ago, I began to have some doubts about our homeschooling decision. Not big, earth shattering doubts but a little nagging feeling that things could be smoother. A couple of issues were repeatedly coming up, and I hadn't found a way to deal with them. Thankfully, at about that time I was introduced to WeE-Books by the The Old Schoolhouse Magizine. Browsing through their 30+ titles, I was very happy to see several E-books that dealt specifically with the problems that I was facing. I added them to my cart not expecting to get too much for just $1.95 each. Well, I should have known, seeing that this was The Old Schoolhouse, that I'd be getting quality material. Sure, these books were small, but they were filled with advice and words of wisdom in an easy to read and enjoyable manner.

With a variety of topics to choose from- classical education, making math fun and Christianity just to name a few- most everyone is sure to find something of interest. While these books are short, they provide enough information if you are just looking for an overview of a topic, need a little inspiration, or a nudge in the right direction. They are perfect if you are looking for a quick review of a topic as a refresher. My son was quite happy to hear about the writing process from an expert (AKA as a book, and not his dear Mama) and it has served to release some of the fear he has about writing the "right" thing. I also received practical advice for making writing fun in another WeE-book entitled Writer's Workshop: Getting Children Excited About Writing . While it was written with the intention of helping those who want to start a writing group for children, there was still plenty of advice that could be use within a home setting with just one or two children in the same family. It's been great for us and we only have one child at the writing stage so far.

These little books, filled with knowledge from experts in the field, are great when you need advice or encouragement NOW. Within minutes you can get a little encouraging word, or piece of advice, and on a day when the going is rough, that can make a world of difference. Another great thing is, should you need a little more, Wee Books actually have a further resources page at the end where you can find links to even more information. Some days, I'd pay 1.95$ just for a list of resources, let alone everything else these little E-books offer at a such a little price.

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