Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cough, cough

I think we are going for some kind of record. We've managed to all come down with another chest cold. The kids are incredibly restless but I don't want them spreading their germs to the general public. The couch has become a trampoline (much to my dismay and numerous attempts to calm them). Liam and Morgaine CANNOT be in the same room for fear of their safety (they been attacking each other for the last two days). By late afternoon the coughing fits have started up again and Morgaine collapses exhausted on the couch for the evening. We don't get off easily though, as Liam throws an all out temper tantrum when it is his time to go to bed. You don't want to know about our nights.

Please send some prayers (or good vibes, or positive energy) that I am able to stay sane for the next couple days!!

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