Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Best Thing About the New House

I was not terribly thrilled with the decision to move into a fixer upper home in an area of Nova Scotia we hadn't been looking to move to. I hadn't seen the house in person and only gave a passing glance at the photos Mike had taken of the place. A few weeks later I decided to take a closer look and I noticed a really wonderful built-in bookshelf. It is my favorite feature in the house and it has taken me two months to figure out with books would have a place on them. I am very happy with the look of them and some of the family's favorite books are there to be read any time the desire arises.

Mommy and Daddy's favorites.


My doula/midwifery books and a series of children's stories that I've held on to from when I was a child.

Liam's school books and other classics I hope to read to him soon.


And since we are talking books and we are loving the library, I'm including our leaning tower of library books. We still have bins and bins of much loved books that have been collected over the years. I am very glad that my family are just as addicted to reading as I am but that leaves us with the problem of what to do with them. More built-ins I'm thinking!!

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