Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Okay, we have a homeschooling box, too

Okay, so I kind of got this idea from my friend, Shannon, who kind of got it here (wonderful website, by the way). I have no room for bins like this blog recommends so I had to make some changes and we have one school bin. While the idea of scheduling everything that needs to be done each day in a certain order is appealing it would not have worked for our family.

After my wee ones are suggled quietly in their beds, I get to gather up all the things that I would like Liam to do the next day and place them in the bin. At the top goes a sheet of paper with instructions for the day (especially if crafts or lapbooking are involved and he'll need my help). It is up to Liam to choose when in the day he would like to do each thing. It is clear that if he doesn't do his work in the day with Mommy then he'll miss out on doing something in the evening with Daddy because at the end of the day the bin needs to be empty. I am incredibly surprised at how well it is working and that everything is gettting done well before Daddy gets home. The best thing is that he is having fun while doing it and getting him to get his work done is no longer a chore.

Here are some pictures of our first day using the school box system.


The box on the kitchen table waiting for Liam to come down in the morning.


Liam's work sheets for the day.


Our reading for the day. It was pretty light because we'd been sick all week and Liam really wanted to help choose the books the night before.


The first thing Liam wanted to do was make something with the egg carton.


So the kids painted droopy tulips while Mommy decorated a coffee tin. Hey, at least the kids look happy and I have a beautiful bouquet of flowers by my bed to wake up to each morning.

We've been using the school box for four days now and we are enjoying it so far but I suppose like all systems time will tell. We tend to get excited about things and then see something else and try that for a while. I have a feeling that this might be a keeper though.

I'm off to fill up a box with fun for tomorrow.

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