Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fit for a King

This year we've hunted with the cavemen and sailed down the River Nile with the Egyptians (Liam's first lapbook to be posted soon). For the past couple weeks we've been defending our castle and learning about the feudal system of the medieval period. We love food so as part of our study we decided to have a poor serf supper one day and then have a meal fit for a king another. Last week, we had pea soup, a hunk of bread and some cheese for supper and it was enjoyed by all. Yesterday it was time for our medieval feast.


It was quite the spread- potage, boiled eggs, meatballs, bone marrow, turkey legs, shrimp, smoked mackerel, sparkling grape juice.

It was an interesting meal...


The kids clinked their glasses, took a sip and declared the sparkling grape juice "not very good".

Morgaine outright refused the potage.



They each grabbed a turkey leg and looked like they were going to devour them. However, like the potage and the sparkling grape juice it didn't win them over.

Morgine refused to try anything else. The sight of all the meat completely turned me so the girls sat and watched the boys eat. Then as I was clearing everything away a little theif came and ate ALL the left over meatballs!


  1. LOVE this idea!! I must say the poor serf meal sounds more up my alley, let's hear it for peasant food basics!!

    But this is really awesome, and something so remember. I love the giant turkey legs, what medieval spread would be complete without them??

  2. You love cooking with kids, huh? Not me... I mean, I totally understand the benefits, but I'm a very protective person in my kitchen.. just leave me alone and let me cook... OR, wait till you are big enough to do it yourself! LOL!

    HOWEVER.. that being said, we're doing Core K this year AND Core 5 (great food core!) and I was thinking (still thinking, mind you) about making it a point to have a meal a week that we're ALL involved in making that is theme related to whatever we are studying. I was thinking Friday nights would be a good night for it... that way we can blend it into part of "family night" of sorts.

    You inspire me Katrina.. you always have! :o)


  3. Aw thanks, Shannon! You know you are my inspiration as well. I likely wouldn't have given this whole homeschooling thing a go if it wasn't for you!

    Yes, I like to be productive in the kitchen so it does drive me batty to have them helping sometimes. Liam thinks he'd like to be a chef now so I can't very well kick him out. Luckily, he has started (sort of) doing dishes so I often delegate him to that task. I find it fun when we are doing it for a school project but when I am trying to cook for the week it isn't so fun that's for sure!

    I hope you have a wonderful time with Core K (and 5). I'll miss sunlight but there's no way that we could do it with all the reviewing stuff as well. I might looking for a second hand Core 1+ 2 for next year. I'm kicking myself beause Mike didn't want me to get one I found for 200 dollars this spring.

  4. [...] the Internet). We will continue with the second half of Living Long Ago and do themed units like last year. [...]

  5. I was thinking, Katrina... if you are still interested in a Core1+2 for next year, I *might* know someone who has it who might be willing to part with it. Let me ask, and maybe I can bring it down to you this summer!!!

    I didn't get to any of the "feast" cooking this year like I was thinking about... with all the moving/settling/etc stuff, I never got a chance, but I will be getting things more "organized" in the next couple weeks.. I hope! That's why I was on your blog, I was reading all about your organization stuff...