Wednesday, February 24, 2010

As we haven't kept up with Liam's Blog I've decided to let Liam "guest" blog on my website. He still loves lego and wanted to tell you about his creations! I oversaw his spelling when he was writing too quickly but didn't really have him fix a lot so you could see how his spelling is improving (funny, how he can spell the bigger words no problem but has trouble with some smaller words). Enjoy!


Hi, I am Liam. I've got lots of legos and lots of creations too.

My sisters name is Morgaine and shes waring her blue dress.

Some of my creations are a town, a speed car, a skiing flying car, even a realy funny thing I have no idea what to call, a plane that only fits 2 pepole (with 2 or 3 k'nex peices), a floting truck with 4 homing missiles.

I hope you like the picthures.


  1. My son loves your pictures. Legos are great!

  2. Great blog post Liam - love the legos!