Saturday, February 13, 2010

Math Tutor DVD

I have heard wonderful things about Math Tutor DVD over the years so I was happy to hear that we would be reviewing some of their material this year on the TOS Homeschool Crew. I was sent their Basic Math Word Problems DVD and their new Young Minds Numbers and Counting DVD. The children were excited that they each got a DVD that was geared towards their abilities so there was a bit of a fight over who would get to use the DVD player first!

Young Minds: Numbers and Counting

In the end, both children agreed to watch the Young Minds: Numbers and Counting DVD first. While both children have progressed beyond counting to 10 and recognizing numbers they enjoyed this DVD. Set to classical music (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and more) this DVD teaches counting and number recognition from 1 to 10 as well as animals, machines, fruits and vegetable names, colours and more. Geared towards the youngest of students I can see this DVD being used in households with 2, 3, and 4 year olds mostly. The video quality and bright pictures captured my children's attention and the music held it despite the fact that they were already familiar with the material. My son even asked to watch certain sections again because he loved the music that was playing in the background. If you are not opposed to using DVD material with the youngest children in the family then I would recommend this DVD which sells for $19.99US. This will likely be a DVD that I will pop into my player when the the wee one in my belly reaches the age when I feel a little half hour of TV from time to time is alright (it's better material then I'd find on TV for him!).

Basic Math Word Problem DVD

The next day, Liam was able to take a peak at the Basic Math Word Problem DVD. This 8 hour CD is guaranteed to increase your students grades in math by teaching them how to understand and break down math word problems. Liam watched the first two sections of this DVD and was a little bit appalled to see that the teacher was using drawings and counting on his fingers to add simple math facts. He was yelling out the answers to the questions long before the teacher explained and solved them. The math program that we use (and his Mama) discourage counting on fingers (or counting in general) so he was surprised by this teacher. As a parent, I did like how the teacher pointed out certain keywords in math word problems that help the student understand what is being asked in the question. The teacher broke the questions down in easily digestible sections and made the material easy to understand. The DVD covers word problems involving whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percent and ratios/proportion and each section gets progressively harder. This DVD can be purchased for $26.99US on their website and I would recommend it for those students that have a hard time grasping what is being asked in word problems.

It is worth mentioning that Math Tutor DVD sells products that will help your children from elementary school right up into college with such topics as basic math, algebra, advanced calculus, physics and more. I have heard wonderful success stories from families that have used these DVDs with older children and because of that (and their relatively affordable price) I would not hesitate to purchase these DVDs for my children in areas where either they (or I, as the teacher) feel like they could use extra help beyond what I can teach. No matter the age of your child, be sure to check out the Math Tutor website and see what they might have to offer your math student. Whether homeschooled or schooled in a more traditional setting, I believe these DVDs would be beneficial to many students that are struggling).

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