Monday, February 15, 2010

31 Week Belly

It's been a while since I posted a belly update. Here I am at 31 weeks! Unfortunately, I'm feeling rather done with this pregnancy with still quite a ways to go. February isn't the best month in the world and I'm struggling some with my emotions in relation to having another baby as we've been dealing with some serious attitude from BOTH of our children these days and my patience is so thin that I am sure I am not helping matters much (my daughter is throwing a major fit behind me as I type). Mike is tired and I am tired and the kids are tired and the tension in our house is thick at the moment and honestly when I think about throwing a third child into the fray I want to run screaming to the hills!! I am POSITIVE that this will pass given a little bit of time (and some sunshine and warmth) but currently that is where I am at at the moment.

Wee baby, on the other hand is doing wonderfully well. He is active and already in a favorable birthing position (and has been there for a couple weeks already). My blood pressure this week was significantly lower than it is has been since the start of the pregnancy (where it was on the higher side....especially for me). My blood sugar levels came back excellent (I refused GTT but did a fasting glucose level). My hemoglobin is actually on the high side. Not high enough to be a cause for concern but I will be stopping my supplements as my body seems to know what it is doing this time around. The baby hates the doppler at the doctor's office and goes into erratic uncontrolled constant movement for the rest of the day after the doctor checks in on him. I've never felt anything like it and it is really rather freaky. Besides that day, he sleeps well during the day and is VERY active after the kids go to bed (so they are always keeping me busy!! *lol*)

Still looking forward to the cottage.....44 days to go!!


  1. Yeah, we refused ultrasound/doptone - we made the midwife listen to the baby the old-fashioned way, LOL :)

  2. Yes, I will be bringing my fetoscope to the next appointment in case the doctor desperately feels the need to take a listen. I'm used to midwives and was hoping I might see a fetoscope in the doctor's office but nope. The last two appointments have quite plainly let me know that baby wants absolutely NOTHING to do with technology! With appointments every 2 weeks now I certainly don't want the doppler used each time!