Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Sweaters

We had the last of our holiday get togethers this past weekend and the kiddos got spoilt yet again with lots of goodies. Being and avid knitter myself my personal favorites were these....


(my poor tired teething she wasn't the gift...the sweater was)


I have never learnt how to knit properly (holding the wool and needles properly). I have tried now but I often get tingling in my hands and the feel of the wool bushing on them as it runs through drives me batty so I cannot knit fair isle (colour patterns). So I am loving the first sweater that a friend of my sister's knit for Morgaine. It is gorgeous and the colour suits her perfectly. The dragon in Liam's sweater is also PERFECT for him as we are very much in to pretending about princesses and dragons (if you'll all remember his disappointment when I chopped my hair because he wanted me to grow it long like a princess).

Thank you both very much!!

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