Sunday, January 27, 2008

Itty-bitty Baby Bums

So it seems like everyone around me is pregnant. I belong to a group of Mamas in which I was the first to have my first, then the first to have my second and now there are several Mamas who have had their first, second and have already had their third. I see their itty bitty babies and my uterus twitches and I desperately want little bitty baby #3 as well. Then I look at my wild children and think that I must be totally crazy. No one in their right mind would want another child if they had any idea of what my days are like (we are going through a phase right now......that I hope passes REALLY soon).

We've kind of put ourselves on a time limit for baby #3 though because we (especially I) started so young we would like to be done with child rearing as early in our adulthood as possible so that there is opportunity to do things that we didn't get to do when we were young (travel, study, I'd even like to work). We kind of  gave ourselves a 6 month deadline and well, that has passed (we TTC Morgaine for 14 months). With the phase that is going on with our children right now we are unsure that we want to add another child into the fray. I strongly feel that I was meant to have 3 and Mike says "two is not very many" but the months pass and we don't get pregnant.

I've been knitting itty-bitty baby diaper covers since May of last year (when we officially said....yep, we can do another baby). I am little bit obsessed with them. Here a a couple for you to take a peak at....



I have no idea if they actually would work as I have no itty bitty baby bum to test them on (they look to be a little on the small side). However, if anyone wants any wool diaper covers and don't have time to knit them yourself I am taking orders (send me your wool and pattern) *lol* I'll put my obsession into something useful. 

So yeah, a little personal blog about what is going on in the lives of us.....


  1. it sure doesn't help when all the mommas around us are birthing beautiful babies- you know on sweetpeace we had TWO within 24 hours.. Nikki (not sure if you remember she is bluemorphobuterfly) even had an unassisted birth on sweetpeace no less!
    She felt her water break at something like 3:30 am and felt two powerful contractions and babe was born at 3:42.. can you believe that?? and Dee had her EIGHTH baby this week!.. EIGHTH!! yay.. and with fern and Wax ecstatic.. i hear ya- i feel it too momma.. that call is deafening at times!
    I started a blog. i have such trust issues I am not sure I will keep up- we'll see.

  2. Yes, I remember both Nikki and Dee (though it's been a long time since I've been on Sweetpeace...I've kind of become a PURR girl...not that I post much anywhere....) Awesome, UC on Nikki's part and yeah, on big family's, Dee (makes me so happy to hear this news). Fern's baby is just, my poor uterus.
    I'll be reading your blog...but you knew that. I miss you when you stop....though I do understand completely.

  3. I hear ya Katrina! My uterus is feeling empty right about now too... Hopefully it won't take forever for us to conceive #2! Are you guys trying?

  4. We're not preventing. We never have. I'm not doing the whole temping thing and herbs though so I don't know if I can really call us trying either (as it seems I need those to get/maintain pregnancy....darn hormones). When Mike's work calms down at the end of the month we'll talk and decide if we want to go that route. We had a pretty firm deadline on when we wanted to be done *sigh*.

  5. Those are so cute! I love the green yarn esp... where did you get that? I want more babies too!

  6. Ooh, Katrina!! Those are way cute. You should totally put some on!!

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