Monday, January 21, 2008

Characters Do Things

Tonight's assignment is taken from Creating Character's Kids Will Love by Elaine Marie Alphin. It says

         Write your own scene of a character climbing down the a roof (I'm modifying this for out the window because I have no idea why a kid would clinb down a roof as opposed to out their window). Make the character a ten-year-old boy doing in on a dare from his friends. Then try it again, making it a 14 year old girl climbing down her roof while her house is on fire.

I will be back tonight (as it is not yet nightfall and my best writing only happens when the moon lights the sky....or is that when my kids go to bed?) to do this (or at least one of the two depending how ambitious I get.

        James knew that the time had come. It was now or never. His parents had been in bed for almost an hour. They would be asleep by now. Getting up from the bed, where he'd been watching the minutes pass ever so slowly on his bedside clock, James went to his bedroom window and opened it. CREEEEAK. He held his breath. He was sure his parents could hear. Maybe he could just get back in bed, pull the cover over his head and go to sleep. No, his friends would never let him live it down. "James, is a sissy."

            James slipped his leg over the sill of his window and sat for a moment looking out into the night sky. All he had to do make it to the ground, run across to the park where he knew Duncan would be waiting, make an appearance and then he could let himself in the back door and sneak back into bed. James balanced and slid his other foot over the sill. It wasn't steep. If he could just inch his way along until he made it to the porch he could climb down the trellas.

            James wasn't sure he could let got of the sill. What would he hold on to? What if he start to slip. He imagined his mother's horror

Kids calling......

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