Monday, January 7, 2008

Epicure-Informational Post

I am sorry to say that some wonderful products will be leaving the Epicure line-up this coming season (so please contact me with your orders before March's while supplies last). However, I look forward to introducing you to the new and wonderful year of Epicure in the near future (sometimes ya just got to make room for even better stuff, you know?).

I wanted to give any of you that might be customers of mine a list of what is leaving. If you continue reading you'll also see what items that are only available in the fall/winter catalogue. BIG NOTE that two of my hot products are now seasonal only.....popcorn seasoning (so please stock up now) and the Belgian chocolate chips....I've only had people order this far but apparently there were melting issues this summer for some customers (darn Canada Post without refrigerated trucks *lol*).

Discontinued Items



Cardamom (whole)

Chinese Five Spice

Cloves (both ground and whole)



Fines Herbes

Garam Masalas


Juniper Berries





Nutmeg (both ground and whole)

Greek oregano

Pink Peppercorn

Roasted Garlic (a note to my've order minced garlic...that is definitely staying).

Star Anise


Mild Smoked Spanish Paprika

Black Sesame Seeds

Green Bell Pepers


Herbed mustard

Pink Hawaiian Sea Salt

Smoked Alder Sea Salt

Lemon Pepper

White Pepper

Pink Peppercorn Dressing

Japanese Rice Vinegar

Sherry Vinegar

Almond Extract

White Belgian Chocolate

Decadence-Triple Chocolate (hot chocolate)

You'll no longer be able to buy the coffee topper as singles any more (only in the variety pack of 4).

White Sugar Crystals

Amber Sugar Crystals

Cedar Plank Set

7" pizza pans

pizza wheel

pastry blender

green basting brush (apparently you'll still be able to get red)

BBQ and marinade cruets (English and French)

Oval measuring cups

Stainless Steel Colander

Deluxe Wooden Spoons

Sauce Laddle

Spagetthi Server

Pasta Machine

Pasta Bowls


Vegetable Peeler

All the graters (excluding the four sided grater)

Garlic Press

Kitchen Shears

Locking Thonges

2004 recipes

Monday-Friday recipe book

5 ingredient cook book

10 anniversary cook book

Home for the Holiday book

Seasonal Products


Poudre Douce

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Both Stuffing Seasonings

Cranberry Sauce

Mulling Spices

Hot Buttered Rum

Pinot Noir Wine Jelly

Blanc des Blancs Wine Jelly

Turkey Rub

Fireside Rim Trimmer



Christmas Tea

Cinnamon sticks

Mocha beans

Cherries and Berries

Coffee Topper Set

Crystalised Ginger

Decorating Sugar

Cocktail Shaker

I know the list sounds long but there are still plenty of wonderful products to chose from (and there's still time to stock up on favorites before they disappear....give me a shout) and I heard that you'll all be quite happy with what's in store for the spring catalogue. So check back because as soon as I know what the new products are you'll be sure I'll be back sharing them all with you!!!

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