Monday, November 9, 2009

Menu Planning Monday-November 9

Picture 11
Saturday: Chinese food
Sunday: Jigg's Dinner
Monday: Hopefully Mike will get home in time to make his incredible shrimp pasta (I will post pictures and the recipe later this week if he does)
Tuesday: Crockpot ham with rice and carrots
Wednesday: Lentil Dahl (I'm too distracted on Tuesdays to make it and have burnt it the last two times *lol*)
Thursday: Minestrone with homemade bread
Friday: Cod fishcakes (sorry, the older pictures from my old blog site do not work over here)


  1. So do you find that sometimes you don't feel like eating what you planned? That is our problem. I'll plan our meals for the week but when the day comes we look at the list and don't want the meal that we planned.

  2. I'd say we get a good 5 out 7 meals from our plan in a week. Sometimes I change them around a little. The week I had a tooth removed on Tuesday so ham was out that day. Because of that I'll likely take lentil dahl off the menu because we had the ham yesterday. I'll add the dahl early next week.