Friday, November 27, 2009

I really sorry that this blog

seems to have become a review site only....that certainly was not my intention when I started it 2 years ago. Now, I do love reviewing and feel blessed with the opportunity but I miss sharing a little bit of our daily lives with you (not that there's much to share but I know that there are some family members that miss the updates on the kids and stuff.

I hope that I can get back into a more balanced place on the blog....

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  1. That is really funny! I wrote a similar post a few weeks ago - Then I found NaBloPoMo - - National Blog Posting Month. They challenge you to write a post every day for a month on your blog. At first I thought it was just for November, but I think they have it every month, but you just sign up for a month at a time. I have really enjoyed it. Since, thankfully, we don't have reviews every day of the month, I have been challenged to find other things to write about.