Monday, November 2, 2009


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Product: abcteach membership
Price: 40$US/year

If you are a homeschooler, and enjoy using worksheets in your homeschool, you've likely come across abcteach in your online searches for material. If you go to google, type in a subject (let's say "fall") and the word "worksheet", it is likely that one of the top results (4th in this case) will be from abcteach. The website offers 5000+ FREE printable worksheets and activities geared towards preschool to upper elementary students. As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received a free month long membership to the website, which gave me access to 35 000 additional worksheets and activities!

I will admit, that I often consider worksheets to be busy work, and do not often use them. I prefer to read with my children, discuss topics and do hands on activities. However, there are times when busy work can come in handy and I was surprised to see how many worksheets that were available to supplement the work we were already doing. For example, when we received the membership we were just finishing up Charlotte's Web. I was able to print up a word scramble, writing prompts and a crossword puzzle for Liam based on the book (which was nice quiet work he was able to do at the library waiting for his sister's preschool to finish). Liam had also finished reading Dingos at Dinnertime (a Magic Tree House book) and we were able to find a guide for that book as well as lots of information on Australia. We printed tangrams for math and also sat together and did some word problems/questionnaires without having to print off the material. In addition to math and reading, there are numerous worksheets for printing, science, arts and crafts activities, and unit studies. Having a paid membership at allows you to make a variety of custom worksheets. You can use your own word lists to make word searches, crossword puzzles, and other spelling games. You can make sheets for copy work and math worksheets. These tools are easy to use and save time if you like to make your own worksheets.

The year membership costs 40$US/year and allows you access to all 35, 000+ worksheets and activities, as well as the custom worksheet option. There are new things being added to the site on a weekly basis. If you look around online you can sometimes find co-ops that allow you to get additional savings on a membership to this website. If your children enjoy using worksheets then I think that this may be a good website to explore. I would also recommend it to elementary school teachers (and it fact, when I was first looking at the site, felt it would be more appropriate to a teacher that was teaching numerous students at once as opposed to a homeschooling family). While the site is recommended for students from preschool to upper elementary, I found that most of the material is geared toward a younger audience so I would not buy a membership if I had children in the upper age range. In general, I would recommend this site for families with younger children that enjoy using worksheets to supplement learning, however, it is not a site that I would use regularly in my homeschool.

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