Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What we are reading - June

Liam is reading:

The Magic Tree House series.

He is really loving these books. They bring history to life for him and he was so excited to see that there were stories about events we've studied this year (like Pompeii and the sinking of the Titanic). He has happily read (and reread) a number of these books this year. Right now he is reading The Carnival at Candlelight which is a Merlin Mission (as opposed to the original Magic Tree House books) novel which brings the characters into the world of mythology. The Magic Tree House Classroom Club also brings together numerous activites and ideas for each book and a guide for using the books to teach history. Combine with the Research Guides that are available, I believe that The Magic Tree House is a valuable addition to homeschooling. The fun thing for Liam is that it certainly does not feel like work!

Runny Babbit by Shel Silverstein

We're all loving talking in Runny Babbit (Bunny Rabbit) language. This book is actually harder to read than one might think!


Morgaine is Loving:

The Skippyjon Jones series by Judith Byron Schachner. All I can say is I am so happy that they seem to come with CDs because the author does a much better job at reading them then I ever could.


I'm reading....

Hmm, what am I reading? Well, mostly I'm reading Canadian Living magazine. It's my little treat once a month to walk to the store and pick up the latest copy and then sneak a peak at it from time to time before finally getting a quiet evening when I can sit and devour it.

I'm looking for some good summer suggestions (for myself and the kids as well). What are you reading?

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