Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Loving-Sharing my Love of Herbs

I love herbs. I love herbs for cooking and I love herbs for healing. This is the first year that I've had anything more than a couple different herbs in pots. I am beginning to teach both kids about the different properties of the herbs an their uses (both culinary and medicinal). They love tasting, smelling and touching the different herbs we are growing. They can tell you that feverfew is a medicinal herb used for headaches and lavender will help you sleep. They like to go out and get the herbs that I'll be using for supper. I'm really loving it.




The same day we planted the herbs outside, Morgaine got scratched by one of our cats. Imagine that she is freaking out because it is stinging, jumping up and down holding her finger.

Morgaine: I need a bandaid! I need a bandaid!

Me: Oh, Morgaine, it isn't really bleeding. It just needs a little time.

Morgaine stops jumping and crying and goes to the front door. Perplexed, I follow her.

Me: Where are you going, Morgaine?

Morgaine: I'm going out to get some thyme.

So out she goes and grabs off a couple leaves of the thyme growing in the garden, eats them and then informs me that she is doing much better because she had some thyme.

I haven't corrected her on this because, well, it works. Who says thyme CAN'T be used for scrapes? If it works, it works right? Though, perhaps, I should let her know before she grows up and has kids of her own!

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