Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm Loving - Quiet Friday Afternoons

I'm loving quiet Friday afternoon when Morgaine has fallen asleep on the couch,


and Liam is absorbed in making up new levels for his adventure game,


leaving me time to make a batch of homemade granola bars,


which turned out quite wonderfully.


  1. 1. Morgaine is a sleeping beauty, for sure..
    2. Ev used to do that same stuff (that Liam is drawing)... what creative minds our boys have!
    3. Homemade granola bars? Recipe, please! (don't you know it's bad netiquette to brag about something you are cooking and not offer a recipe?? LOL!)

    I read your blog. Just so you don't feel lonely! (I should write more in my own though! LOL!)

    Miss you!

  2. 1. Thanks, Shannon!

    2. I think Ev and Liam are going to be VERY similar. It is great.

    3. Sorry, no recipe here (that's why I'm having a terrible time getting you some vegetarian recipes as well). Basically it was whatever we had (oats, whole wheat, cashews, peanuts, dried fruit, karob chips, coconut, CINNAMON...opps, all stuck together with some brown sugar and honey. Baked for 25ish minutes at 350.

    Yes, you SHOULD write more in your blog *lol*. I miss it but totally understand with how incredibly busy you've been. Thanks for reading mine. I still get a few visits a day but once upon a time it was quite a bit more.

    Talk to you soon!