Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Box Day!!

DSCF1712 Ever since a fellow homeschooling Mama and friend of mine posted about their box day over two years a I have been dreaming about this day. After much anticipation, our box from Sonlight arrived yesterday.  Liam jumped onto the science books immediately ("Mom, did you know that when you digest food it follows a huge maze that ends in the rectum?") and we've already all fallen in love with a little duck named Ping who gets into quite the adventure along the Yangtze River.

Update Sept 13th, 2008: We've done out first day of school. I was planning to wait til Monday but Liam kept insisting that we jump right in. So far it has been a HUGE success. He loves his reading and it is at the perfect level for him (The Beginner's Bible is our first book). He keeps exclaiming how cool God is. He wasn't so into History but it will come (maybe once the maps arrive as he loves maps). Science was fun and he understood everything (he's itching for the experiments though). I was going to wait til tonight to do our read aloud but he wanted to do them right away so we are also reading The Boxcar Children.




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