Sunday, September 28, 2008


I don't want to sleep because princesses don't. Don't brush my teeth. No, I DON'T need to pee. Please give me more milk. One book, Mommy, please. No, wait, don't go. I'll read it to you. One hug and a kiss just isn't enough. WAIT, I'm still thirsty, some more milk, Mommy, please? Another quick drink and Mum's trying to leave. DON'T GO!! A chase round the table laughing in glee. Mommy grabs me and says, "now you have to go sleep," as she carries me back to my bed in a heap. But, no, I won't sleep because princesses don't. I'll jump off the bed and stomp on the floor. I'll scream and I'll yell, but I really won't sleep. But Mommy keeps putting me back in my bed. I'm getting frustrated so I lay on the floor. No, I'm not tired. I'll stay up all night. Hmm, that's a warm blanket. I'll just stay here a bit, but no, I won't sleep because princesses don't...

...but I'm just a girl.

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  1. Nice. Well done.
    Coincidentally, my seven year old daughter watched A Little Princess for the first time yesterday, although she asked around the beginning: "Where's the princess?"
    Excellent movie.