Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Newfoundland Toutons

Yes, I am a Newfie (and darn proud of it)!

So, I have a splitting headache. I've had a splitting headache since yesterday morning and I've done EVERYTHING imaginable to try and get rid of it, to no avail. This morning my daughter got up insisting that I get her BREAKFAST. Picture this. I stumbled-half drugged, half asleep- out of bed (which pretty much means I'm really not there). I'm gropped around for my glasses I can't find and she's yelling at me for BREAKFAST. "Breakfast cereal or Breakfast bread" I say as I haul on my robe.

"BREAKFAST" she insists.

"Do you want a banana? An orange?" I finally find my glasses and stumble on out into the kitchen an open the fridge door.


This goes on and on with me naming every breakfast food I can think of. I'm loosing my patience. I am tired. I want to crawl back in bed. I desperately go into the room where Mike is laying there and he says "she's so pleasant this morning, isn't she?" All the while the kid is screaming, screaming, SCREAMING and I am getting very near wanted to run and hide under my bed.

Finally, a breakthrough "Syrup, breakfast" she says.

"Oh, I say, you want pancakes".

"Pancakes." she replies.

I don't feel like making pancakes at 7am. She screams and cries. We convince her that I'm going to rest for half and hour and then I'll get up and make pancakes. "I PROMISE."

So half and hour later I drag myself out of bed and there are no eggs in the fridge. What do you do? Make Newfie toutons. I mean all you need is flour and water and a little bit of yeast. Who doesn't have that? So at 7:45 this morning I am making homemade bread dough so that we can have toutons for breakfast. I'm cheating and I'm going to send you here for the recipe as I love  the guys over at  Steel White Table for the sheer randomness of their posts and their little taste of home every now and again.

So anyways, an hour later we sit down to a meal of newfoundland toutons minus the salt pork and molassas (can you tell I really wasn't prepared for toutons this morning either?). It's a Newfie treat we have maybe twice a year by b'y is it some good.



  1. Holy crap! That makes 2... no, 3 readers of SWT! :)
    Thanks for the compliment! I look forward to reading more of YOUR blog!

  2. Well, if it weren't for you how would I get me my lottery numbers or know what movies not to see or know that the Urban Peasant died (what a'll notice our cooking style is much the same..whatever I happen to have).
    Seriously, you were my first blog and I love ya for it *lol*.