Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My head hurts

I'm not around very much because my head hurts lots.....almost all the time. I've started some really fun (yeah, right) medication and I have a few tests coming up (with the general consensus being that I having some funky facial neuralgia/migraine stuff of unknown origin that'll either get better or worst). I had high hopes that I would start this medication and the headaches would go away (which is why I mentioned that I would start posting more regularly again here...I figured I'd adjust to the medication) but instead I'm doped up and still have headaches so yeah, writing on a daily basis is the furthest thing from my mind (though I love you all to bits and I want to write I really REALLY want to). 

So anyways, I'm still around and I will post when I can....I will try to keep it interesting...and starting in the new year I'll have new ideas coming up (that I'll write in advance sometimes so even when I don't feel like writing you'll still have cool stuff to read...).

I'll get up a new Epicure recipe in the next day or two as well...I know you are all dying for something new (and NON-Newfie!!)

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  1. Hey Katrina,
    That totally sucks! I started getting migraines in high school, after scanning and poking and prodding my head a bunch of times they put me on some meds that had me doped up completely for awhile, but then, eventually, they started to work and now I RARELY get headaches at all... So hopefully they work the same for you!!!
    P.S. Lovin' the blog!