Thursday, March 26, 2009

Work From Home and Home School, too?

homeworkcoverlg1Have you ever thought about making money from home? Perhaps during these uncertain economic times you've found yourself wondering what you could do to bring some money into the household. With homeschooling, working outside the home might not be possible, and the thought of adding one more thing to your crazy home schedule petrifies you. Maybe you have some good ideas but are just too frightened to put your plans into action. Fortunately for you, there’s The Old School House’s HomeWork: Juggling Home, Work and School Without Loosing Your Balance. This E-book brings together personal stories from work from home homeschooling families and practical advice for starting your own home based business.


From the personal stories you’ll get to see that you don’t have to be a super mom to be able to manage homeschool, work from home and the household. The women share what has worked for them and what they’ve had to let slide in order to start their own home-based business. Regardless of what kind of work from home business they run, these women all have a story to share- stories that inspire hope, give insight and advice and might even give you the courage to take the next step into looking at how working from home might work for you. It is very comforting to know that these women have done it and that you can, too. Most stories also have contact information for the authors and their companies so if a story really touches you or you would like more information the contact information is right there for you. What more could you want? The last chapters provide tips for organizing your business in terms of bookkeeping, time management and making space in your home in order to give your company the best chance of succeeding. While its certainly not everything that you need to know to start your own home bussiness it is good starting point. 


As The Old Schoolhouse is a Christian based company you will find that many of the stories talk about how the women were called by God to start their current work from home endevors. However, there is certainly enough information and inspiration within this E-book that while it has a Christian feel it is totally still relavent no matter what your belief. So whether you get your inspiration from God, the universe or from within yourself this book is a valuable read if you've ever considered starting your own bussiness while also homeschooling. I wish I'd known about it when a few years ago I threw myself into a home based career. It would certainly have saved some headaches and helped to ease the guilt I felt at not quite being able to do it all. It will certainly be a book that I will come back to again as I get ready to start a new chapter of my life trying to balance it all with loosing my balance.


  1. Nicely writtten Katrina. Makes me want to read the book so well done!